Well, guys, E3 is over, and it's been one heck of a show, hasn't it? There was good news, there was bad news... and it's all here.


There was nothing new at the show from Bungie. Oni and Halo were there; if the as-of-yet-unknown game from the Myth II team was there, it managed to be very inconspicuous. Pre-show rumors said it would be shown behind closed doors, but there have been no reports about it thus far.


Oni was seen running on the PlayStation 2 for the first time! It's quite impressive- you can see for yourself with the new PS2 screenshots. Also present in the E3 build of Oni were some new particle effects, such as breaking glass; in fact Oni Central has exclusive screenshots of the effect in action, with Konoko running through glass doors, shooting all the way.

Some have wondered how Oni will control on the PS2; well, we found out at E3, and Oni Central has the details.

Some screenshots also show Konoko on a motorcycle. Will we be able to ride a motorcycle in the final game? Still unknown, but it's a cool possibility.

Other new screenshots show clips of the anime intro to Oni. They're quite good, but according to Bungie CEO Alexander Seropian, they may be changed for the final product.

Bad news from the show concerning Oni: Multiplayer will not be present in the final version, not in any form. It has long been known that Oni is nigh unplayable over a standard modem connection; including LAN-only multiplayer didn't sound terribly appealing to Bungie, so they removed the multiplayer component entirely rather than let its limitations detract from the overall game. There's a lot of controvery surrounding this decision, as you might imagine.

There is video footage available of the Oni E3 build. Get it here.


As promised there was a new Halo movie at E3. It is NOT available for download anywhere- yet. Rumor has it that it will be available with an upcoming issue of an unspecified gaming magazine.

Rather than report what was in the E3 movie, I will instead refer you to Ferrex's excellent report over at Rampancy.net. It's in two parts; the first part is here, and the second part can be found here.

For even more new information on the E3 build of Halo and the new Halo movie, read this question and answer sheet over at Rampancy.net.


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                    Thanks for reading; hope you enjoyed this year's E3. See you at Macworld!