Who Wants To Be A Bungie Fan With A Fancy Prize?

Bungie held another Trivia contest at Fanfest V, and this time the rules changed a bit. Three folks were picked from the audience, sequentially. Each was given up to 7 questions. Answer the first three correctly, win a Halo t-shirt. Answer the second two correctly, add a signed Craig Mullins print to that. Answer the final two... win an Xbox and a copy of Halo. (Yes, they really were prepared to give away three Xboxes and three copies of Halo at the fanfest.)

All three contestants got their t-shirt... one made it as far as the print. Nobody got an Xbox. We've put all 11 questions that were answered correctly (plus the three our contestants choked on) up here for you to try your skill at. Answer them all, and you can kick yourself for not coming to the fanfest. (Please fill in your first and last name - that's what the quiz is keyed on. We hate it when you lose all your selected answers because we have to send you back...)

Let's get started!

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1)What is the only water stuff item?
 The Jaws ride at Universal Studios
 Pocky™ brand strawberry flavored fudge cookie sticks floating in a disused urinal on the Microsoft campus, bumping up against the scented urinal puck like driftwood washing up on a small pink island in a yellow sea.
2)What was Doug Zartman's last 'real' job before coming to Bungie?
 Worked in a candy factory, wearing a cute little Devo jumpsuit and hard hat and crawling under conveyor belts to scrape caked chocolate off the rollers with a putty knife.
 Worked for the American Bar Foundation.
 Attendant in a mental health facility, keeping the patients from killing each other and/or themselves.
 Advice columnist for the Chicago Tribune.
3)On the Myth:TFL level 'River Of Blood,' the Latin graffiti on the wall translates to:
 You finding Ling-Ling's Head?
 I got your beefstick right here.
 Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
 Your mom was here... with me. The Man.
4)What headgear are you most likely to see Jason Jones wearing?
 Foam Cowboy Hat
 Jimmy Hat
5)What happened to Soffish after Bungie moved to Redmond?
 Applied for job as Sea World mascot but eaten by jealous, vindictive Shamu.
 Developed nasty crack habit, then cleaned up and filmed episode of VH1's 'Behind The Tru7h'
 Started his own software company.
 No one actually knows
6)Why did Jason change Halo's code name from Munkey Nutz to Blam?
 Munkey Nutz took longer to say.
 He couldn't bring himself to say the words 'Munkey Nutz' to his mother.
 Proposed Next-Gen cover story, 'We can't wait to get our hands on Bungie's Nutz' gave him nightmares.
 Design focus shifted from Munkeys and Nutz to things blowing up; title no longer made sense.
7)What was the name of the company sound wizard Marty O'Donnell founded with Mike Salvatori?
 Bigger Than The Beatles Music, Inc.
 Block-Rockin' Beats Ltd.
 Chicago Trax
8)Which of these people did not author any levels for Marathon 2?
 Doug Zartman
 Jason Jones
 Alex Seropian
 Matt Soell
9)How many single-player levels were in the first Marathon game?
10)Which of the following is NOT an actual Bungie job title, printed on business cards and everything?
 Keeper of the Bungie Way
 Applied Phrenologist
 Kogi Kaishakunin
 I Dare You To Print This On My Business Card, You Bozos
11)On Bungie.net, what is one rank higher than the Shield?
 Crossed Axes with Shield
 Crossed Swords with Shield
 Crossed Axes
 Double Shields
12)What was Bungie's last Chicago address?
 1060 W Addison
 77 Jackson
 350 W Ontario
 1935 South Halsted
13)What was the original working title for Marathon Infinity?
 Marathon 3: The Last Mile
 Marathon Extensor
 Marathon 3: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
 Marathon Pfhorever
14)Which of the following were NOT seriously considered as promotional tchotchkes for Oni by Bungie's marketing department?
 Purple wigs
 Sex toys
 Chocolate Konokos
 A full line of women's underwear

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