Woohoo! After all this time, bungie.org is going global. Here's your chance to get in on a sure-fire collectible - the one-of-a-kind bungie.org T-shirt. Printed in 6-color glory on a Stonewashed Green Hanes Beefy-T (100% cotton, baby), this shirt will not only show the world that you frequent cool websites, but will get you a copy of the slickest Bungie-related T-Shirt out there! (Click on the image to see a larger, more detailed version.)



Note: This is a mockup. It's not a real shirt - it's a wrinkled white shirt, colored the green that the real shirt's gonna be, with some Photoshop magic applied to make the design look like it's part of the whole shebang. We don't wanna get sued by anyone who thinks this is a real shirt, and finds out we fudged it - so we're being up-front with y'all. You should buy some extra shirts, just to support that kind of honesty.  
Okay! I'm sold! How do I go about getting a shirt?
Pretty simple, actually. You send us money, we send you a shirt. Seems reasonable, doesn't it?
Umm... well, okay. I still have some questions, though. Like, how much do they cost? How do I get money to you? What sizes are available? Do they come in pink?
Goodness. Let's get one thing out of the way right up front - they DON'T come in pink. They come in green - the stonewashed olive color you can see in the background on the closeup page. They're $15 each, except for the XXL's, which are $17 (you're getting a lot more fabric, don't complain). Shipping is $5/shirt for priority mail (we might be able to stuff two shirts into a single envelope, which would still be $5... but we can't promise that, especially at the larger sizes). Shirts are available in Small, XL, and XXL - as we run out of shirts in a particular size, we'll remove it from this list (and from the order form). Your payment options are these:
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • PayPal Electronic Payment

Checks and money orders should be made out to smallbits.com, and sent to

56 Deerfield Lane
Bethany, CT 06524

PayPal is a pretty standard internet payment system. Payments, again, go to sales@bungie.org. Clicking on the graphic below will get you to a customized, secure payment screen at PayPal for paying by credit card - it'll automatically set you up with a PayPal account, if you don't already have one (or allow you to log in to an existing account).

Apologies - this shirt is sold out.

For money orders and PayPal payments, shirts will be sent as soon as payment is received. For personal checks, shirts will be sent as soon as the check clears (usually less than 3 business days from receipt).
What if I'm not in the US?
Checks and money orders are still accepted (as long as they're in US Dollars), and we'll get in touch with you about shipping costs.

One easy way to send International Money orders (that accepts credit cards) is SendMoneyOrder, a website devoted to doing just that. The upside is that they accept a huge variety of payment options (from most major credit cards, to PayPal, to linked checking and savings accounts)... the downside is they tack on $3.00 to the price of the shirt. Still, it might be the easiest way to get money from where you are to where we are.
Wait! I still have more questions!
No problem - contact us, and we'll do our best to answer them.