On January 12, 2001, Bungie Fanfest IV was held at the West Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. One of the organized activities was the Bungie Fan Trivia Contest. A prequiz was given to narrow down the competition, and three festgoers were chosen by Bungie (no, we don't have a copy of the prequiz). The rules were simple:
Sean "Soliptic" Phelps, Anton "SiliconDream" Mates, and Cam "Cunbelin" Pinard, fighting for the Trivia title
  • Questions were multiple choice, and contestants had 30 seconds to answer
  • Other contestants couldn't interrupt
  • Violence was not allowed
  • Each contestant had two (or was it three? Only Bungie knows for sure) 'lifelines' - they could ask the audience or Miguel "Freewill" Chavez for help (or...?)
  • Bungie was to be the final arbiter in the case of disputes
This last one turned out to be important - three (maybe 4) of the questions have no correct answer. We've selected the answers Bungie said were correct, however, and you'll have to live with that.)

Do you think you have what it takes? Well, show us, pal! Below you'll find the full Trivia Contest - contestants in San Francisco answered only nine questions each. See how you do with the full 27! No cheating, now...

Let's get ready to rumble!!!

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1)What's "Hammy" a nickname for?
 The Beefstick
 A very special Bungie employee
 The act of mooning someone against a glass window
 A lunch meat enjoyed at the Bungie offices
2)What's Bungie's favorite Chicago Chinese food joint?
 Crispy Phat
 Ming Choy
 Ee Ko Li
3)Where does Pathways Into Darkness take place?
 Tau Ceti
 Alexandria, Egypt
 Yucatan Peninsula
4)Where did Alex and Jason meet?
 MacWorld Boston
 The Manhole on Roscoe
 University of Chicago
 High school prom
5)Which action flick most inspired the Oni team?
 Ghost in the Shell
 Giant Robo
 Shakes the Clown
6)What was the codename for Oni?
 Purple-headed Killing Machine
7)Who, after Alex and Jason, was Bungie's first full-time employee?
 Doug "Voice of Bob"
 Bill "Pincushion"
 Matt "Community Guy"
 Jeff "The Meek"
8)What was the Webmaster wearing while flying his jetpack over Princess Di's funeral?
 Jock strap
 Foam cowboy hat
 Storm trooper helmet
9)What was the original codename for Marathon?
 Still No Jumping v0.5.0
 Pathways Into Uranus
10)Which team dominated the tug of war at the 1999 Bungie Company Picnic?
 The team formerly known as Myth II
11)What material did Bungie use to construct their first Macworld booth?
 Balsa Wood
 PVC pipes
 Cinder blocks
12)What did the Webmaster get sick eating this past Halloween?
 Fava beans
 Trick-or-treat candy
 Mike and Ikes
13)What did The Man disguise himself as for Bungie's 1998 Halloween party?
14)What does the Disembodied Soul call his dog?
15)Where did Bungie employees speculate Ming Choy kept their steaming vat of ever-plentiful kung-pao goodness?
 Office on the 6th floor
 Above the elevator shaft
 The dumpster out back
 The holy Ming Choy kitchen
16)What did Jonas Eneroth claim happened to him one fateful night, outside the Bungie offices, during the development of Myth: TFL?
 He got some
 He was abducted by aliens
 He was held up at gunpoint
 He fell asleep at the wheel and wrecked The Man's car
17)What is Surly Dwarf Ale guaranteed to make you as strong as?
 An Ox
 The Man
18)Who was the voice actor for the Dwarf in Myth: The Fallen Lords?
 Geoffrey Charlton-Perrin
 Tom Cruise
 Jason Alexander
 Marty's Dad
19)How can you tell your Soulblighter miniature was one of Ral Partha's prototypes?
 Soulblighter's scar is reversed
 There's no copyright info on the miniature's base
 The game's title on the packaging is spelled incorrectly
 It's made out of plastic
20)What did the Disembodied Soul do to warrant eternal damnation?
 Leaked a Marathon beta
 Ran Bungie's casino business into the ground
 Back-talked to The Man
 Sent Bungie the obscenity-filled letter that inspired the TBWSAF acronym
21)What was Alexander "The Man" Seropian's nickname in high school?
 The Boy
 Super schnoz
 Little Woody
22)What did Max dress up as for Bungie's 1998 Halloween party?
 Your Mom
23)Which was one of Jason's Apple II games?
 Colostomy Joe
 Cortana's Revenge
24)How much did Matt pay for Soffish?
25)What animal was the Super Ninja in Oni named after?
 a soffish
 a centipede
 the mighty hippopotamus
 a wallaby
26)What's the Tiajuana Mamma?
 Butcher's first American "girlfriend"
 A lunch item from the holy La Cocina menu
 A spiced beef stick
 More slang for "Your Mom"
27)Who was the "Lunch Lady"?
 Butcher's first American "girlfriend"
 A Perl script
 Jason's mom
 The cook at La Cocina

Bungie Fan Trivia Contest

"Better than the last one."

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