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June 1-14 1999 Archived News

June 14 1999


The Marathon Story Page has an interesting update. Are the Marathon sounds that we have all become so familiar with copyrighted?


The Mill posted some new files. It seems that we are now able to better handle everyone's needs. If you do encounter a problem while trying to download a plug-in from the The Mill, make sure to let us know.

I am currently taking applications for a new Myth maintainer at If you feel that you have some experience in maintaining a website then please email.

The Bungie/Oni Hotline Server is starting to take off. We have had many visitors and you will probably find some of your friends there. The Oni/ HL server is located on, or, you can just use for the address.

June 11 1999


The Marathon Trilogy box set seems to be coming to an end. The Story page reports some interesting information from Bungie concerning its life expentency.

The PM Archive has been updated. Very hard to find right now, but, in time we will provide a better link to this new site.


As reported yesterday, The Mill posted news concerning ownership of upload files, etc. No sooner had I posted that info here, then, a good friend of the Marathon community emailed to report that his file had been uploaded with someone else's name. Be careful people, this is a sure fire way to get yourself removed from The Mill.


As reported yesterday, the Oni site was supposed to go up today. Due to a server going down last night, it's been pushed back 24 hours. : (

June 10 1999 news

Hmm. Wasn't yesterday the 9th? Or did I just skip that day? You know with all our network and hardware problems the past 10 days, it wouldn't surprise me. A big thank you goes to Claude Errera, while I was trying to keep the network up, he was able to "pick up the extra load", thanks Claude!

A very "rare" editorial today. If it is of interest, then go ahead and read it.


Another submission concerning the "entire" game with no cheats! I remember how special it was when I finally finished and also how disappointed I was in the helicopter seen at the end. Wonder if it would be possible to add a better helicopter cut scene at the end. Probably would, but no PID editor. : (


What did happen to the Marathon 2 Rave edition? While we're at it, what happened to the Marathon 2 patch? The Story page has all the answers for the curious.


Another Myth site going by the wayside?

The Mill climbs over 30 thousand hits.

Stern words from the FrigidMan concerning ownership of files.


Is it finally going to happen? We've been reading about here for over two weeks. Yes, make sure to check back tomorrow for at least a part of the new Oni site.


Who's running that site anyway?? You think you know?? Follow the email link on the Blam page. And to save a lot of time, NO, it's not me!

June 8 1999


The Story page reveals the true identity of "The Soul" today. There is also a very good writeup concerning the Marathon Map Viewer.

The Orphanage has gotten an update today. Thanks to John there are some new files from Marathon Edge along with some other files.

MOTM, maybe I missed this a couple of days ago, but there is a new map up at the MOTM page. I haven't had a chance to play it, but those that have are very impressed with it.

The Archives has new files posted. A continutaion of a previously released demo along with the new Marathon Map Viewer.


The Mill has become so popular in it's short existence that we are beginning to experience some "overload" problems. The number of downloads are really starting to mount up. Please be aware that we are working on this problem and we should soon have a new workaround up and running.


In my quest to get the Oni site back up, different parts of the site are now starting to come back online. Today, the Oni HL Server is now back online. You can find it at or The Bungie press CD from their press pak that they had at E3 is there and you might just find a few other interesting things.


The Myth page has some cool links to a interesting "hands on" article at Mac Central along with the latest password scam.


Marathon Scenario news updated along with the Story page. A former Bungie employee sets the story straight on a few things.

June 7 1999

You have probably tried to hit within the last 24 hours and gotten some type of error message. We have had some very big hardware failures here, and since last Thursday, we have been trying to run on a "thread".

I believe that we are now back up and serving, and we are on a faster pipe now as well. : )

Sorry for any problems that the downtime may have caused you.


Our Oni at 2.0 is just about done now. The overhaul has been interrupted wtih the hardware failures, but, with some help from members of, it now only lacks content. Should be very, very soon.

In the meantime, visit Alex Okitas new home page. While you are there, look real close to the image at the right. "Alien Pipes"....nawh, couldn't be.

Let us know if you see a resemblence. Jump over to the Oni forums.


Scenarios page is updated again. Thanks to Ruggers replacement while he is honeymooning.

TheMarathon Story page has been updated since my last post. Continuing news on Blam and........


The Mill keeps pulling in the hits. Check out the lastest counts. New Myth news posted along with some interesting posts on the Myth forums at

June 4, 1999 4:00p.m.


There's an interesting movie containing some behind-the-scenes stuff from E3 over at (There are two versions, one a bit bigger than the other. Both can be found on Bungie's ftp site, as well.)

And what's going on over at the Blam! site? Looks like someone's been keeping busy...

June 2, 1999 10:00a.m.


Check out the Story page this morning. It seems that a new resource book is coming available.

"GURPS Myth - a sourcebook for tabletop roleplaying in the world of Myth: The Fallen Lords and Myth II: Soulblighter!"

Head on over to the Story page for the details!

June 2, 1999 1:00a.m.


The Blam site at Bungie.Org is taking off. With over 300 forum posts it looks as if this game, whatever it is going to be called, is going to have a following LONG before it ever comes out.

The Story page posted some info on some Blam sites out there, but, if you want the REAL TRU7H, go here, Blam Info

June 1, 1999


Some cool new plugin's up at the Mill. Make sure to let us know what you think about the Mill at the forums.

We regret to inform everyone that we have pulled the MaraMyth demo. Bungie org will not be a part of any kind of "trouble amongst the ranks". Until I hear from the project leader, it has been removed.


The Story page is back up on "fours" again. Along with some interesting updates we are starting to maybe see the beginning of the Blam sites.

Marathon Scenario news updated today. Actually some of the updates were done over the weekend, but due to trying to get back up and running, it wasn't posted.

Marathon Recruits has even been updated! Been a while but there are some new submit forms along with a bit of an update.

MOTM-and again, we have a Tempus map picked as our Marathon Map of the Month. Pretty cool map!


Yeah, there is Oni news, but, do to no Oni site at yet, there is no place to read it. We are storing up so no one will miss out. Soon....very soon!

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