Bungie Trivia, Revisited

Bungie Fanfest 2003 is shaping up to be a monster event, with hands-on Halo PC, access to the Halo 2 footage E3 showgoers get, cool videos, a mystery guest, and more. One of the features that fanfesters will get to enjoy is a Bungie Trivia Contest - with prizes for the winner(s). Luckily, we've teamed up with Bungie to let you, the fan at home, play along - some of thes questions are the same as the live version, some are different, but all give you the option of winning cool schwag, just like the live contestants. We will warn you... this test is HARD. Don't worry if you miss a few - everybody will. The key is not to ace it... but to miss fewer than the next guy. Final arbiter in the case of disputes is Bungie - if you're not happy with their answer, you're pretty much out of luck. (Answers will likely be posted at some point... but not while there are still prizes at stake.)

To test your Bungie knowledge, fill in your first and last name - that's what the quiz is keyed on. We hate it when you lose all your selected answers because we have to send you back...)

The Trivia Contest has ended!

The top 100 scores can be found here. In the meantime, if you'd like to try again, Give it a shot!

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1)Which employee charmed his girlfriend by passing out at a nightclub?
 Eamon McKenzie
 Greg Snook
 Paul Clift
 Tim Hoffman
2)The Marathon 2: Durandal level 'All Roads Lead To Sol' was an atonement for what Marathon level?
 'Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap!'
 'G4 Sunbathing'
 'Ingue Ferroque'
3)Which Bungie employee did not write a Letter to the Webmaster?
 Dave Candland
 Jaime Griesemer
 Matt Segur
 Peter Marks
4)Which instrument did Jay NOT play as part of the Halo 2 trailer?
 English Horn
 None of the Above
5)Which of the following acronyms is NOT used to identify the source or cause of a bug that stalls the development process?
6)Alta Hartman is also known as:
 Mama Bungie
 Queen Bee
 Bungie Princess
7)How many computers does Achronos have at his desk?
8)Who were the only two full-time Bungie employees to compose music for their games?
 Marty and Alex
 Marty and Jason
 Marty and Butcher
 Marty and Jaime
9)What games were played in the 1998 Bungie Pentathlon?
 A. Doom, Marathon: Durandal, Myth: The Fallen Lords, Blackjack, and Toshinden
 Halo, Oni, Minotaur, Pathways into Darkness, and Poker
 Myth 2, Oni, Doom, Blackjack, and Marathon
10)What is the name of the Pillar of Autumn's sister ship?
 Atlas of the World
 Dawn Under Heaven
 Lark of Dreams
 Redemption for the Lost
11)The infamous “shaft” was part of what original structure?
 The Bungie Webmaster’s desk
 Conference room lounge chair
 Myth billboard sign
 Macworld booth
12)Which of the following items can NOT be found on Lorraine’s desk?
 Giant bottle of sake
 Action figures
 Light box
13)What was the name of Bungie’s only official expansion pack?
 Total Codex
14)What's the name of Joseph Staten's fish?
 Admiral Tirpitz
 Jolly Rodger Me Boys
15)Which Bungie artist is credited for work on Oni and Elfquest?
16)On what date did Halo break one million domestic copies sold?
 March 15, 2002.
 March 23, 2002.
 April 02, 2002.
 April 08, 2002.
17)In Minotaur, what is the inscription on the Stave of Ultimate Doom?
 Aim Away from Face.
 Don't Use This.
 Light Fuse, Run Away.
 You'll be Sorry.
18)What was the name of both animators on Halo?
19)Which two employees both have two daughters, married a music major named Marcy, and are among the 5 oldest at Bungie?
 Marty and Pete
 Joe and Doug
 Marty and Carney
 Marty and Dave
20)Who won the last Bungie Pentathlon?
 Old School
 Grizzled Ancients
 Middle School
21)Which Marine was the first to die in the E3 2000 demo?
22)Who got the sausage when Halo 1 shipped?
 Hardy LeBel
 Mat Noguchi
 Adrian Perez
 Chucky Gough
23)Who did everyone think would get the sausage after Halo 1 shipped?
 Hardy LeBel
 Mat Noguchi
 Adrian Perez
 Chucky Gough
24)What was Skip Weasel's character idea for Halo 2?
 Flaming Pregnant Sentinels
 Flaming Ninja Monks
 Flaming Breast-Feeding Nuns
 Flaming Contortionist Mimes
25)Which of these games is not a part of the Mac Action Sack?
 Pathways into Darkness
26)What does Mat Noguchi's business card say?
 Angry Monkey/Details Programmer
 Hateful Wombat/Associate Programmer
 Irate Lemur/Lead Programmer
 Vengeful Llama/Tools Programmer
27)What is Matt Soell’s favorite animal?
28)In which Bungie game did the Iron Demon appear?
 Myth 2
29)Which of these isn’t a real nickname for a Bungie employee?
30)What Marathon netmap was the inspiration for Hang 'em High?
 Hats off to Eight Nineteen
 Mars Needs Women
31)What was Bungie’s first console title?
 Super Marathon
 Pathways into Darkness
32)What was the name of Bungie's first office fileserver?
 The Crack House.
 Ex Cathedra.
 Tijuana Mama.
33)Who designed the Marathon symbol?
 Alex Seropian
 Colin Brent
 Jason Jones
 Reginald Dujour
34)Who got a job because he broke the copy protection on Pathways Into Darkness?
 Alain Roy
 Greg Kirkpatrick
 Jason Reiger
 Ryan Martell
35)Which brand of coffee does Marty O’Donnell prefer?
 Maxwell House
 Seattle’s Best
36)What is the bomb code from Pathways into Darkness?
37)Who wrote the Heroic and Legendary speeches for Sgt. Johnson?
 Adrian Perez
 Marcus Lehto
 Mat Noguchi
 Rob McLees
38)How many Covenant battle groups does Naval Intelligence know of that are prowling near the human sphere?
39)Which of these is not a real song from the Halo soundtrack?
 Dust and Echoes
 Pillar of Autumn
 Rock Anthem for Saving the World
 Lament for Pvt. Jenkins
40)How many employees were “knighted” on the day of the 2003 Winter Pentathlon?
41)How many musicians were recruited by Marty to create the soundtrack for the Halo 2 trailer?
42)What was the original internal codename for Halo?
 Sack o’ Nuts
 Salty Nutz
 Monkey Sack
43)What were the names of the teams in the very first Bungie Pentathlon?
 Oni, Myth, Halo, Publishing
 Blam, Dink, Your Mom, Sack
 Phoenix, Oni, Halo, Cinematesticles
 Blam, Ling Ling, Soffish, Monkeynutz
44)What was the Webmaster was doing in Nepal?
 Arm wrestling the Dali Lama
 Stocking up on fermented yak milk
 Trying to track down the Abominable Snowman
 No one is quite sure, actually
45) Which of the following phrases does NOT appear in the Halo UI?
 “All your base are belong to us”
 “The only water stuff item”
 “Hydraulic suspension thigh pads with cool Kevlar crap”
 “Sometimes I give myself the creeps. Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me.”
46)Which tooth-deficient Bungie employee is the reigning champion of Welch's grape juice can pyramid construction?
 Chris Barrett
 Tyson Green
 Chris Lee
 Pete Parsons
47)What kind of sword was used to knight Bungie employees on the day of the 2003 Winter Pentathlon?
48)What did Diane Peters use to intimidate people?
 Baseball bat
 Loose blouse
 PVC pipe
 Riding crop
49)How much money was in Bungie's pants?

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