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The first day at Macworld started with a bang for Bungie fans. During the keynote, Steve Jobs was joined on stage by Alex Seropian of Bungie and Ed Fries of Microsoft, who reiterated Bungie's commitment to bring Halo to the Mac. (It won't happen before the Xbox version is out, and it might not be with Jason Jones at the helm... but it is definitely coming.) We managed to catch up with Alex after the keynote, and captured his promise on videotape (1 MB .mov).
After this point, however, there was very little news to be had about Bungie products. Harry Al-Shakarchi cornered one of the Gathering of Developers (GoD) guys to ask about Oni... details can be found at Oni Central.)
At lunch time, personnel met up for crepes and conversation, before wandering around for the rest of the afternoon. Lots to see... Apple announced a multiprocessor G4, a cube G4, a new keyboard and mouse, three new monitors, and showcased MacOSX. For gamers, Deus Ex was selling hotly.
Miguel Chavez (Freewill) arranged for dinner at Don Giovanni's, a nice italian restaurant about 15 blocks from the convention. The crew met up with an equal number of Mythers, and enjoyed fine italian food in a festive atmosphere. (A notable addition to the group at this point was Simon Brownlee, known to the Marathon commmunity as Squeaky, the Maintainer of the Scripts that run
The bulk of the group continued to the Empire State building, passing several New York landmarks on the way, and were treated to some fantastic views of the city by night.
At this point, the large group split up and headed back to their respective lodging. Long day... back tomorrow! Matt Soell and Max Hoberman are due to arrive at MacWorld at some point during the day.

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