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December 1999 Archived News

December 29, 1999 1:00a.m.

Bungie Org Hotline Server

The Bungie Org Hotline Server went down two nights ago. I powered down the box and when it came back up it would not recoginize one of the hard drives. Thanks to Claude Errera and a little bit of help from James Hastings-Trew the Hotline Server is now back online. Thanks again guys!

Bungie Org

Many updates at our different pages, I am woefully behind so I suggest that you just take a look. I will be making a few changes around here in the next few my updates will be very slim. On the first of January a few things will change here at Bungie Org. I will post here on the changes as they come to pass.

Mac World

Miguel Chavez emailed some new info concerning MacWorld. This is just a bit different from what he has already mailed us. Jump over to The Marathon's Story Page for all the details.

December 23, 1999 8:00p.m.

Merry Christmas from Bruce Morrison. (

Merry Christmas from Bungie Software! (image courtesy of Jim at the Bungie Store, used with permission)

This is my last update until after Christmas. I will be updating again starting on the 27th of December. To all of the Bungie fan's, we at Bungie org would like to thank you for a great first year, and, to quote the Orbital Arm page:

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11 (KJV)


The Marathon Scenario News page has an update concerning Marathon Red. The maintainer also brings attention to some future plans.


The Oni page has some new artwork along with the Oni news posted today at Bungie. It seems that Bungie is going to start a pretty big push on Oni.


More art, readers write in and probably the most interesting link, news concerning some live events from the Bungie booth in San Fransico are all on the Halo page today.

December 22, 1999 3:30p.m.

Another new tenant to the Bighouse today, Marathon Red is our latest addition.

The Marathon Archives page has new files again. These are best found by hitting the "New" button on the search page.

The Marathon's Story page is still posting info concerning the latest anniversary of Marathon. There is also a post about GameSpot's Top 100 Games of the Millennium. Make sure not to pass that link up without at least a look into what they are listing.


New Halo art has been posted along with some Halo Christmas cheer. The Halo page is always updating.

December 21, 1999 11:30a.m.

How in the world I could have missed this, is beyond me. But for most of us this day is unique. It's what started it all and changed many of us into the "Marathon Fanactic's" that we are. Make sure to take a look at The Marathon's Story Page.

December 21, 1999 9:30a.m.

Special thanks to Matt Soell for sending the Oni page information concerning the changing of the guard at Bungie West.


Our latest page to come on board at Bungie Org, Orbital Arm, has some great updates this morning. We are pleased to have them as part of our sites and for the PC Marathon players..this is probably the best if not the largest, Marathon PC site on the web.


The Myth page has information concerning new files along with a pointer to The Mill. It seems that The Mill has an announcement today that is also hinting at some things to come.

December 20, 1999 3:30p.m.

As picked up from IMG, it seems that Brent Pease has left Bungie West. Look at the bottom of todays news.

December 20, 1999 8:30a.m.

The Myth page has some information concerning a new site that helps new players, "learn the ropes"? So, if you fall in this category jump on over and get the latest.


New Duality screens? It seems that someone has stumbled across my good friend Courtney Evans home web site. This site has been up for some time, but, we have not publicized it. There is mention of the disclaimer on The Marathon Story's Page. We ask that you please follow the wishes of the author.

December 17, 1999 9:30p.m.

This sent in by a regular on IRC #bungie. Although I can't get a confirmation on this, it would certainly make sense with the new inclusion of Take Two. But, for those that have been following Bungie games since the beginning, this isn't the way Bungie does things. Times change. Presented here for your reading, special thanks to Niklas Hjelm Smith:

"I read in a swedish gaming email news letter that Bungie is one of the two companies that has the most chance of getting a game licence of the movie "The Matrix".

Bungie is in battle with Shiny Entertainment, to get to get the licence. I hope Bungie gets it!"


December 17, 1999 8:30a.m.

Halo and Oni haiku in both forums? Well, I suppose there is something to be said of those that have the time........


The Marathon's Story Page knocks a bunch of us back into reality today with the latest post concerning all the beta information. Old news you say?

December 16, 1999 2:30p.m.

More losses of the Halo Seti Team along with, yes, more clan sites! One wonders how many clan sites we will have by the time Halo is released?


The Marathon's Story Page has complete and detailed information concerning the winner of the "7 Errors" contest. Make sure to get caught up on the insightful writings of Halo Weapons and Vehicles.

Today we add two more residents to The Big House. EMR:Infinity, which many have been waiting on, is now posted along with GOF. (another great project!) What better way to spend a cold and snowy weekend.


The Myth page at Bungie Org lists new information concerning the very first Myth beta. Pretty cool for those lucky few.


The Oni flyer winner reports on the Oni board about the back of the first Oni flyer, congrats Ben!

December 16, 1999 00:43a.m.
Bungie Org at Hotline!

Here is the list of the "BOX" that was won recently.

Contents of the Package:
-Scrapbook signed by Doug, Matt, Mark, Nathan, Rob, and JJ (as well as 1 signature I couldn't read)
-Craig Mullins "Death of the Hulk" Mousepad
-Black Bungie folder containing:
-Bungie Dollar
-Oni flier
-TWO original chrome Marathon stickers
-A Macworld Olympics of Death sticker
-A sticker showing the Bungie Coat of Arms
-A Myth 2 folder (empty)
-An original Marathon 4-level Demo disc
(unfortunately not sealed) containing,
among other things, the enhanced CD music tracks.
-A sealed copy of "THE DISC" with the M2 Preview from Macworld '95
-An iron-on Bungie Patch
-A video named "Bagel Shop"
-A sealed copy of Minotaur
-A shirt reading "Property of the Bungie Store"
-A walnut with two faces drawn on it

December 15, 1999 8:43a.m.
Bungie Org at Hotline!

Off the beaten path a little, one of the "regulars" on the Bungie Org Hotline Server won the last contest to be held at The Marathon's Story page. This was posted on the Bungie Org Hotline Server last night:

Two months ago, Mark Levin (Have Blue on the Bungie HL Server), won a pile of Bungie goodies
in the Marathon Story Page's Seven Scrapbook Errors contest.
Today, it arrived...
Only Matt Soell knows what's inside, but you will too, when Mark opens the package "live" on the Bungie.Org Hotline Server! Secrets will be unveiled... Be there at 9 CST, Wednesday 12/15 and see what we've got here!


New web sites, another Halo preview and more translations of the overseas magazine articles are just a few of the things you will find this morning at the Halo page.


The Marathon Archives page at Bungie Org has more files today! Some new net maps that are failry nice along with a couple of great paks.
The Marathon's Story page is still receiving inquiries concerning the "hottest Halo topic on the web".

December 14, 1999 7:43a.m.

Clans, well they seem to be popping up all over the net. The Halo page has links to some new clans and to a very good discussion concerning vehicles and weapons.


Bungie in Europe? The Take Two acquisition begins to define itself as Matt S. responds in the forums today concerning their role overseas. By the way, for those lucky enough to get into Take Two at 7 back 5 months ago, it closed last night at 17!.


To say there are literally hundreds of opinions concerning the question posed by The Marathon's Story page would definitely be putting it mildly. Make sure to pull up a chair as you read just a "few" of the emails that have recently surfaced at the story page. What do you think? Make sure to let Hamish know.

The Marathon Scenario News page has been updated again. We recently posted some new members to The Bighouse. There is also news concerning a few new projects.

December 13, 1999 8:43a.m.

A bunch 'o files this morning at the Marathon Archives. Today, at the archives, there is a new patch that will turn your fists into the Pfhor staff, and, if that isn't enough, make sure to check out the updated version of Jingle Bobs.

There is a great piece of Marathon artwork posted over at the Marathon's Story page. In fact, some might now the "idea" behind it.

More additions to the Big House. The Bighouse has turned out to be one of the most popular pages on our site. If you have a scenario that needs a home and it fits the mentioned criteria, drop us a line.


Don't forget about the Oni Bungie West interviews. Some very interesting and some very cool news is being brought out into the light of day.


The announcement of a new Halo site along with the demise of another are two of the recent updates that you can find at the Halo page.

December 10, 1999 8:30a.m.

The Pathways page has another update again today. The seven hieroglyphics? Check it out!


The armor mystery is cleared up on the Halo page by Matt Soell.

December 9, 1999 11:59p.m.

Harry Al-Shakarchi has posted the second segment of his Visit to Bungie West, a series of interviews with the programmers and artists of Oni. Go on by and get the inside scoop!


We'd like to take this opportunity to extend a grateful "Thank You" to Jane Davison, who took upon herself, with no thought to the potential brain damage that might result, the task of reviewing a sizeable chunk of the as-yet-uncommented-on maps in the Archives. (When several older collections were subsumed last year into this definitive library, the task of reviewing everything proved to be too difficult for the maintainer.) Thanks, Jane... hopefully, your tireless efforts will help some intrepid marathoners in their quest for great maps! (The easiest way to find her reviews is to do a quick search on "Kj4jane".)

December 8, 1999 7:30a.m.
Bungie Org

Bungie org will be having some exclusive breaking news soon. Make sure to be checking back! As always, if you have news or questions or maybe just complaints, send them on!


The Oni forums are starting to pick up, possibly due to the increasing amount of interest in this game along with MacWorld coming around the corner. In any case, make sure to catch some of the latest threads.


Always some interesting Halo art along with a another teaser concerning #2 is lined up this morning at the Halo page. Looking for a job..reports coming in from Bungie "want ads"!

December 7, 1999 1:30p.m.

Oni Central has a great update from a Matt Soell post this morning. Make sure to check it out.


Always some interesting Halo news over on the Halo forum. Don't miss the most recent postings concerning ideas and whether or not Bungie, (Matt S) is listening.

December 7, 1999 9:30a.m.

The Myth page has posted some very cool updates. Along with the Myth Master films we mentioned here last week..there is also some tournament news.


Oni Central has some pretty unique exclusives. Although not directly associated with Oni, they are different to say the least.

December 6, 1999 9:30a.m.

Some great Marathon News! The Marathon Forums at are now back online. So jump on over and post away.

December 6, 1999 7:30a.m.

The Marathon PM Archive has a few new models today. This page has slowly been brought back to life. Make sure to check the Marathon Scenario News as well.


The Oni Central Forum has new posts concerning "why no news".


The Halo page has news concerning an editorial and it's views on gaming. Make sure not to post info concerning downloading the Halo trailers. We are not posting them at Bungie Org in respect to Bungie's wishes.

December 4, 1999 10:30a.m.

The Marathon Story page has some interesting news posted concerning another
virtual Bungie page? Orbital Arm is posting some news along with some files. All you PC Marathon players make sure to check it out.


The Oni Central page has more translations posted from overseas mag's and with the new issues in the states being published we should see more.


Halo has more news on yes, even more Halo trailers being released. New artwork and some great forum posts are posted for your weekend "fixes".

December 3, 1999 07:30a.m.

Marathon news again today! The Story Page is reporting info concerning some new scenarios along with some great insights on Oni and Cortana. The Scenario News page, which is now being updated daily, reports some insightful news concerning the new Black Series. Incredible as it might seem, the Recruits page has new listings. Incredible as in this game is still so popular, no wonder we are called "Marathon Fanatics".


The Oni page has reopened after a full week of being offline. Harry is reporting some udpates be sure to look for them soon.


Myth Master Central has some new films. The newest films of Chimera along with a few other tidbits.


Just when you thought you had kept up to date on everything concerning Halo, today, there is talk again about another movie. That makes how many? Check it out.

December 2, 1999 02:30p.m.

Bungie has finally opened their new Bungie Store. Hurry on over and make sure to add to your basket the "Everything in the Store" product. It comes in a big ass box according to Jim. While you are there sign up for your personal store account. Ratz, someone already got "Borg"!

December 2, 1999 08:30a.m.

Marathon is in full swing here at Bungie.Org. Our Scenario News, Recruits and Story page have all been brought up to date. The Story page has some more revealing info on #2. Thanks to our new maintainer, Scenario News and Recruits are now brought up to date. Make sure to check all these out and while you're at it, don't forget to hit the Big House page.


A trailer of a cool looking conversion is out, Myth at Bungie.Org has more.


Our Oni page comes back online today. I ran into a few glitches yesterday afternoon and after the tedious work of our hardware/software guru, Claude Errera, the box will be back today.

Look for the page after noon today and, to answer the emails, my general reason for taking it offline was to allow for software upgrade and to split our HL Server off to another server. Although the addition of another server shouldn't have taken this long, due to illness it was drug out a bit too much. To look at it another way, Bungie Org just expanded again, as we continue to "engulf" all things Bungie. : )


More Halo art has been submitted along with a pretty active forum board. Talk again about the Halo console version and a possible tie in with Oni?

Pathways Into Darkness

The Pathways page has been updated and some very interesting dialogue is posted.

Bungie Org Hotline

It's Thursday again and that means the Hotline Bungie Org crew going up against the Clan Plaid group again. All films from the last melee' are posted at our HotLine server. Give it a visit if you are wanting to watch the borg and clanplaid crews go after it.

December 1, 1999 00:30a.m.

We're still alive!

Well, after being down for the past five days with the flu, I am finally back among the living. Thanks to Harry Al-Shakarchi for this update.


We have more scenario news thanks to our temporary scenario news caretaker, go check it out! The Story page has a submission from Nathan Bitner, discussion about the Anvil splashscreen and those Bungie box acronyms. Go take a look.


A trailer of a cool looking conversion is out, Myth at Bungie.Org has more.


It's been down, but tomorrow it's back! Oni Central will return after it's short holiday! Expect a lot of updates to follow its return!


Halo SETI team stats, yet another translation and user submissions at our Halo site

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