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July 1-14 1999 Archived News

July 14 1999


Bungie has released the 1.3 patcher for Myth II, as well as a free map... check out Myth at for details!


One last map from ydnar can be found at the Archives today. Also, you might notice a new "Get it via FTP" link under each filename in the search results... this should help out people on slower connections get large files. Try 'em both, use the protocol that works best for you.

July 13 1999


The Story page has some interesting Oni speculations today along with some more news on those Sacks.


New plugins updated along with some cool lava. has some interesting news today as well.


More level descriptions along with some speculation.


The two updates from yesterday evening now have the screens to go with them. Make sure to check out the Oni "Files" page then click on the July 1999 Screens link.

July 12 1999


A special announcement from a Marathon'er on the West Coast.

Hey do you play Marathon and live near LA? Alessandro Ashanti is starting up a Los Angeles Marathon user group there and they are looking for new members. Go to for details.


Another update this evening. Special thanks to Gamers Central for linking to Oni at


The Archives are going strong, thanks to a couple of plugs from Inside Mac Games. Remember, if you're having trouble getting the files via http, try ftp.

The Story page made a mistake??! Check it out... it actually puts a new spin on the fifth Cortana letter...


Some interesting discussion at the Blam forum about the possible inclusion of the Action sack with new iMac sales. Who knows?

July 11 1999


Some very good files are up at the Archives. Along with Loren Petrich's new Map Viewer, there are a couple of maps by Alex Okita from Bungie West. There is also a long lost map, (for us), from Randy Reddig. The file was never at the archives but has been now uploaded.

The Story page has some interesting news today. Along with some tie in's with GITS, we have the cortana letters listed and news on MacWorld that is a mere 2 weeks away.

Pathways Into Darkness

More updates at the PID page. An interesting item concerning the goggles on Can You See in the Dark.


The Oni Archives has tuned out to be a hit. As we track the amount of downloads that are being served, it seems many are grabbing the .tiff files. If you need these zipped or stuffed, please let me know.

I will be posting some Oni news this week, so be checking back.


Make sure you check out the latest news at Myth. There are some interesting new guidelines posted at the Mill.
July 9 1999


The Oni Archives has been finally added to the Oni site. Make sure to check out the files that are located there.


Seems the Blam page is generating its own analysis. A ( page has been started to keep track of the changes to the front page of Meta-analysis...

The Blam Forums are still a hotbed of speculation and discussion. Some interesting Cortana mythology stuff today... check it out!


The Story page has more Cortana discussion today, as well as information on the United States Air Force project BLAM (no relation to Bungie, actually... but very interesting nonetheless). New files (well, file) at the Archives; Loren Petrich's Map Viewer has been updated, in a big way. Take a look!


New plugins announced by Myth at Look for them at the Mill.

July 8 1999

Thanks Again

I overlooked our good friends over at Inside Mac Games when I was posting the list earlier. Thanks to Inside Mac Games for their promotion as well.

Inside Mac Games

Special Thanks!

Bungie org would like to thank the following people in sponsoring and/or promoting our recent contest:

Jim Ruiz-Bungie Software
Peter Cohen- MacCentral/MacGaming
J.W.Corey Tamas- Mac Gamer

Contest Announcement

Well after beating our servers half to death, tripping over cables and
strewing HTML everywhere one of you guys has finally found all the Bungie
Action Sack icons. In just under 7 hours too. The next contest is going to be MUCH tougher!

Michael Duez was the first to locate them and email with their locations. Michael (who was quoted as saying, "WOOHOO!!!") will soon be receiving the coveted Bungie Action Sack from Bungie Software's coveted Jim Ruiz. For those skeptics who doubt our veracity, you can see for yourself where the icons were hidden... er lost.

Lost em. Didn't hide em. No sir. It was ummm... a teleporter accident.

Marathon's Story Main page

Marathon's Story S'pht'Kr page

Vidmaster's Spazeroid page

Pathways Into Darkness "World View Window"

Oni Frequently Asked Questions or (FAQ) Archived

Myth at / Strategy Team Captaining

And finally a special page called The Sack at the Archives

For those of you who ransacked and are interested in the stats,
there were over 15,000 page hits at in 6 hours.

Thanks everyone! Be looking with in the next two weeks for our next contest.

Blam - Update!

The Story page has a pretty amazing tidbit gleaned from about a possible Blam! demo in the near future! Go read all about it!

Marathon - Update!

The Story Page has another Cortana email today. The cryptic nature of this mail shows, IMHO, something is just about ready to happen. (this is only my opinion.) By all means, check it out.

Bungie Contest

Check back here later today for news on the Contest!


The Story page has some great updates today. Along with the announcements that you have seen here, there is some Oni news.

Marathon Scenario News has been updated today with some cool Marathon Scenario News. Make sure to get the latest on these projects.

Marathon Recruits updated as well today. Rugger has been busy!


Started to add the updates that I am so woefully behind on. Konoko differences along with some other interesting news.


The Myth at site is reporting news on a new Myth TC. Certainly worth a look, that is if you haven't seen it on other gaming sites by now.


The Blam forums, as usual, have been very, very busy. Yes, the Blam page is changing, but what do those "cryptic" things mean?

July 7 1999 Contest!

We need some help at, there has been a terrible transporter
accident. It seems Jim Ruiz at Bungie Software was teleporting 7 Action
Sack icons to Steve Campbell for safe keeping.

There was a sudden ion storm (a regular Nor'easter with massive sun spots, worm holes and silly string) and despite cross circuiting to "B" the 7 icons were scattered to the 7 corners of We looked everywhere, but we can't find them
and we just plain give up.

If you can find all 7 of the Bungie Action Sack icons hidden at the pages and then be the FIRST to send an email to with the page URLs of all seven Action
Sack icons (if it is on a framed page give the page name), Jim Ruiz will be
so grateful to you that he will purloin a Mac Action Sack from the Bungie
Software Vault O Carnage and send it to your home.

The Action Sack contains the fabulous classic Bungie Software games of: Minotaur, Abuse, Pathways into Darkness, Marathon, Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity.
Employees of Bungie Software,, and their families are ineligible
to enter this contest. So they can just eat my shorts.

Gary Simmons
the Battle Cat

Blam and Oni news today at our Oni site. MacAddict is reporting that they were able to see the new Bungie game "behind the curtain" at E3 and although they can't report on it yet, IT was the coolest thing at E3.


There will be a special announcement today at 12:00 noon. Make sure to check back to see whats going on.
July 6 1999


The Story page has continued it's daily updating, in spite of the holidays. The collected knowledge out there has sent in some interesting facts that might sound very, very familiar.

The Orphanage had some great files, but now they don't have them? Don't try to figure that out, and, if you're interested, jump over and take a look.

The Archives has new files, who says this place stops for a holiday?


Sorry for the Blam blowup yesterday. The Blam forum had so many posts that it finally just collapsed. No, not really. : )


Many Oni updates coming today, as soon as I can start to get caught up from the holiday. Check back for the latest.

The Oni forums will be getting a "visual" overhaul this week. You should see no downtime and it should be done seamlessly. But, if you experience any problems, kow that they will only be temporary.


The Walter Scripts are now added. One in there I had originally missed. Thanks!

July 4 1999

We hope you're all having a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Because this is a pretty major US holiday, there's not too much activity on the pages... but we'll be back and updating furiously by Tuesday morning! Meanwhile, you can grab some of the newest files at the Archives, or read the Story page updates (which don't seem to stop for very much). Happy 4th to you all!

July 2 1999


Some interesting speculation about the mechwarrior in Oni on the Marathon's Story page today. Jump over and take a peek...


A bunch of new files at the Archives recently... a little something for everyone.

As mentioned on the Story page and the Blam forums, our own estimable Orphanage manager, John Zero, has created some Cortana-inspired art. Check it out!


The Mill posted statistics for the month of June. All I can say is "wow".

Myth at reports of a new Myth 2 Handbook. Worth a look...


The Action Sack is not only released, it's got its own web site! 6 classic Bungie games, packaged nicely for your enjoyment, all for the low price of $19.95. Buy yours today!

As you've probably noticed, got a facelift, just in time for the new month. Comments are always welcome.

July 1 1999


The Cortana message has filled The Story page with many responses today. They are very interesting, along with an AOL'er that tracks the mail from steart to end.

MOTM has a new map up today. If you are at all familiar with IRC #bungie, then the name of this map is quite unique.


A few updates today and The Mill just keeps serving out files. The amount of megs we are serving out is really starting to climb. Yesterday we served out over 4 gigs. Thanks and enjoy!


Interesting facts concerning the original "18" and The Labyrinth is added today. I always wanted to know how they did that, every time you went into the Labyrinth it seemed that everything was different, or was it?


I am going to put the newSuperSmall Oni Trailer up in some different formats. Please let me know if you have trouble getting this file.

July 1 1999


Another Oni Trailer today. Jump on over!

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