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July 15-31 1999 Archived News

July 31 1999 Problems

When it rains, it pours. Although the physical move hasn't taken place yet, we had a number of hardware failures timed nicely with a change in access privileges to the building the servers are housed in... leaving us with several key sites down, probably for the rest of the weekend. These include,, and as well as the machine that houses our forums (for Myth, Halo, and Oni), and some peripheral pages We're sorry for the inconvenience, and will do everything we can to bring it all back quickly.
July 30 1999

As posted yesterday, will be moving! Wow, my first post in a week. Special thanks to Claude for his "back up" posting during this time. I have been busy trying to work out all the details of the move and I haven't had much time to work with the Org lately. Much is happening and we are working very hard to make sure your site for "all games Bungie" won't be offline duirng this move. Claude or myslef will be keeping you informed as we get closer to our move date which was supposed to be today, but, now looks as if it will be next week sometime. Thanks for your continued patronage of the Org, we will keep you posted on when your move will take place.
July 29 1999

Wow. A crazy few days it's been... so crazy that noone's found time to update this page. Some of the madness stems from the Halo fervor that's sweeping the community... the server doled out 38 gigabytes worth of files in the seven days ending Tuesday. It's not the only thing on our minds, though... is relocating soon. We thought it was going to happen today, actually, but circumstances pushed the move back a few days. The move should be relatively transparent to the user, unless you've got bookmarks saved with IP addresses. (If you do, change them to names now.)


It's not really clear how Hamish is keeping up, but the Marathon's Story page is handling an enormous amount of mail, mostly related to Halo. Stop on by and catch up on some truly intriguing speculation.

The Archives have added a couple of new files recently, showing that even in the midst of a feeding frenzy, there is always time for a new netmap or two. More on the way, so keep your eyes open!


Stop by Halo at, if you haven't already, and see what all the fuss is about. It's all here: movies (from several flavors of the MacWorld Trailer to a couple of flavors of the Jason Jones interview), reader-submitted artwork and logo reworkings, a Q&A with Marty O'Donnell (part of TotalAudio, the team that did the demo music), and on and on. We're doing our best to imitate Hamish on the Halo Story page... he's a hard act to follow!


A reader sent in a scan of an Oni sticker being given out at MacWorld... one she managed to get signed by Jason Jones! Fun memorabilia on the Oni page.


Pie-rat is back (well, sort of), and posting up a storm. Go read the latest Myth news at the Myth page.

July 26 1999

Miguel Chavez, aka Freewill, has given an exclusive to The Marathon's Story page. In the words of our inimitable BattleCat:

Miguel Chavez has provided with a wacky, uncensored, free-wheelin' stream-of-conciousness 10 minute (20MB) QuickTime interview with Jason Jones.

This has been picked up by sites like Blue's News and Voodoo Extreme, and the resulting demand has been unprecedented here. (In one 67 minute period today, one of our machines served just over a gigabyte of material.) If you're having trouble getting this file, be aware that it's available on three mirrors:

Please try a different machine if you're having trouble with one.

July 25 1999

The big news continues to be Halo... new movies, more info, the beginnings of a Story page... hop on over and take a look. With a whole team of updaters, this site is hopping!


Almost overlooked in the Halo fervor, a beautiful package from Hamish Sanderson and Mike Trinder has been made available at the Archives. This one is worth your time.


After a short hiatus, Cyril is back, and full of updates! Go read up at the Myth page.

The Mill Just keeps rolling along... another 15 or so new plugins this weekend. And it's still amazingly easy to navigate!

July 23 1999

Bungie Org Announcement

Let's see, where do we start today? The last three days have been crazy to say the least. The Halo announcement has had the whole Mac gaming community buzzing. Oni news has been going up, but somehow many have just glazed over it and the cool updates that Rugger has been experimenting with over at the Marathon Scenario news page has just flat been overlooked.

Soon, maybe real soon things will calm down and we will get back to normal days around here. Lets hope so. : )

One last note: might have been slow in the last two days with our updates, but in most cases this has been due to waiting for permission's or something similiar. I made sure that either Bungie, Gamespot or whoever else involved gave the A OK before we posted info, shots or movies.


Many updates today along with some cool new graphics. Special thanks to Borzz for his help with the Halo graphic. We now sport a news posting line on the main Halo page and there is a complete list of news, items, downloads and a list of other Halo sites.


The Story page has so many Halo/Marathon udpates today that it would be a waste if I posted anything close to their nature here. Again..same thing here today

The Scenario News page has some neat new sounds added . Rugger seems to be really having a good time with that Alien animated gif. : )


The Oni site is reporting on another web review today. This one sports 21 screenshots and some of them are NEW.

July 22 1999


We have rebuilt the Halo site here so make sure to take a look. There seems to be a lot of Halo info running around the web. The biggest piece I can give you is:
Yes, Halo is connected to Marathon. (this came from a very reliable source). There are also reports of who is on the Halo.tiff file on the Hotline server. Total Audio? MacCentral has some great details on the game direct from the Bungie people themselves andGamespot has posted more screens.

Whew ! What a fast 36 hours this has been! Let us know what you think.


The Story page has so many Halo/Marathon udpates today that it would be a waste if I posted anything close to their nature here. Just go on over.
July 21 1999


We've managed to get hold of a large version of the Halo Logo. (Simply click on the small version below to see it.)


The Story page has many Halo/Marathon speculations and information today. Thanks to Hamish Sinclair for some of the Halo shots what were reposted.


The Pathways page has been updated once again. In the "frenzy" of Halo, almost overlooked this one.


Halo Screenshots and Movie posted. I have also posted on the Bungie.Org hotline server. ( or

Here are our mirrors for this movie supplied to us by Gamespot.


Make sure to check the Halo forum. The Bungie crew is speaking out concerning some very interesting questions.

Another Halo update

New York -- During Wednesday's keynote presentation at Macworld Expo here, Apple interim CEOSteve Jobs offered Mac gamers a sneak peak at what may be one of the most successful games of all time: Bungie Software Products Corp.'s Halo, a third-person-perspective, multiplayer game that allowsup to 32 players -- 16 per team -- to engage in vicious head-to-head battle across networks and Bungie's own Internet gaming service,

Halo takes place in a ring world replete with land- and water-based environments. Players have the option to join one of two races -- human and alien. The two races use different weapons systems and have the ability to climb aboard distinct modes of transportation that are capable of travelling on land, water, or through the air.

Halo will feature vast, beautifully rendered environments and allow players to adopt different roles within each game. For example, you'll be able to be the driver or the gunner in a two-man assault vehicle. This ability to adopt differing roles and play in coordinated teams offers some enticing possibilities. If, for example, you have exceptional abilities as a gunner or driver, you'll be able to advertise your prowess on BungieNet and have other players vying for your talents in network battles. Halo will require 3D hardware acceleration and will be available in the first half of 2000.

32 players? 2 teams? What do you think?

Halo shot

Finally we get to see. If you were lucky enough to be at MacWorld or you watched, then you were able to see Bungie's new game Halo. Check back here as we will be the first to give you more info very soon. More Screens 1, 2, 3

Make sure to check out Special thanks to Matt Soell for passing this along.

July 20 1999


Some more"overlooked' Oni updates added today. A Oni interview is coming soon so make sure to keep checking back.


The Story page remarks on some interesting news concerning Alex R. There is also mention of the D. Zartman chat. That can be found on the Oni site as well.

Mac World New York 99

Interesting tidbit from MacNN. The townhall meeting today contained more no shows from the speakers then ever before. Jump over and take a look.

While I am on the topic. If you want to look at some NY shots and a few inside shots of the convention area, go here.

July 19 1999


Check out the Oni page for word of a new review/interview that includes some questions and answers with Hamilton Chu, Producer for the Oni project.


Michael Neylon has agreed to house a copy of the Marathon Spoiler Guide at (This document includes spoilers for all three Marathons, plus Evil and Tempus Irae.) You can find links to this set of pages, as well as a new link to the Physics Model Archive, on the Marathon page. (This page got a small facelift, and load times should be quite a bit faster now).


The Mill has a new poll up, which will decide how ratings are handled from now on. This one's important, so jump over, read the proposal in the news, then vote. For those who didn't notice, the Mill passed 100,000 pageviews last week. Way to go!

July 18 1999


The very first
Konoko/Oni image to date is posted this morning. Make sure you take a look. Although it doesn't show much, for archives sake, it's worth keeping.

The Oni site is finally starting to finish up. The Archives and Files sections are now 95% complete. Just a few more pages before its finished up. If you have any trouble with any of the files, make sure to let me know.


The Archives , now with new search interfaces, has received a bit more tweaking. Make sure to let the maintainer know if you run into any problems.

The Marathon Scenarios page has a small, rather unique update. Have Fun!


The Myth
site here has posted a work around concerning the new Bungie map, make sure you read it if you are having any problems with this ne Bungie map download.

The Mill has some news posted concerning one of my servers and corrupted files. I wasn't aware of the problem until it was late into the evening. The problem has now been fixed and you shouldn't run into any errors now.

July 17 1999

Operation Desert Storm

The 1991 Bungie O:DS demo is up at the Bungie org Hotline Server. If you don't have a Hotline Client, go here. Then connect to server You'll see it in the files. If you get this demo, make sure to get all three pieces, or, just download the whole chunk. Have Fun! Special thanks to Face for these files.


The Archives have gotten an overhaul. Go take a look and make sure to read all the instructions. This new interface along with some quick buttons makes the Archives state of the art. Great Job Claude!

The Marathon Scenarios page has some big updates this morning! Make sure to check out all the latest news. There is new information concerning Blink, and a pretty neat new image to take a look at. Make sure not to miss it.

Lots of good stuff on the Story page today... some welcome news from Jim Ruiz of Bungie concerning the Action Sacks, and much, much more.


The Oni page reports with another review. This time its from Macformat. Thanks goes to Wolf 68K, (Bill J), for finding this one. This update is made by our newest member to the Oni team, Chris Camacho. Welcome aboard.

July 16 1999

Tuncer Tells The Truth!

How in the world I missed this I don't know...if you want to read the whole article yourself, then go to the IMG website.

Macworld and IMG

Alright, so I changed me mind, I'll be going to Macworld after all. What I'm really looking forward to is the Steve Jobs keynote. I've learned that a few game companies will be showing off some hot new games at the keynote but I'm prohibited by saying which ones. I can guarantee that one of
them will be a major shock and it will come from a company we all know and love.

Care to take a guess as to who? Our regularly scheduled news next week will sporadic at best. We plan on covering Macworld full
bore with video cameras, digital cameras, you name it.

The key here is "I've learned that a few game companies will be showing off some hot new games at the Keynote"

Steve Jobs, Keynote, iMacs? Anyone catch this???


The Story Page contains some interesting discussion about stories, and first-person-shooters... this has been gone over before, but it's worth seeing again.

A new film pack on the Vidmaster page... John Sumner completes the Infinity Vidmaster Challenge. Go download it and learn something.


The Oni page reports about a PC Accelerator article with some intriguing tidbits about the Oni backstory. Go read about it!

July 15 1999

Bungie org

First of all thanks to Claude Errera in helping me with these updates. I have taken some time off recently due to being in the middle of having to make some decisions on my job situation. So, I decided to let these other very talented people help out a bit more.

Secondly, will be moving very soon.

After 19 years in the same job, I will be moving on soon and with me in the move, the bungie org servers will be moving as well. This transition should be smooth to the end user, but, I thought it would be important enough to let everyone know. The good part of all this will be that the servers will basically be hooked into the same ISP, just on a different network.

I will be keeping everyone posted as to this move. Thanks for your patronage here. All of us appreciate it very much.


Today you finally get to find out about the level Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares. This level holds the Diamond Necklace and more importantly..the gold door..which many still wonder why it is on this level. The Diamond Necklace was an important item to snag. Did it do anything? Let us know if you think you have the answer. (No, this isn't our contest!)


Weapons code? Now this one is quite unique. You have to hand it to him! More then the weapons article is the now "crashed" Bungie cam. It seems that someone must have knocked it down. So we have a great pic of some file trays or something like that.


We have received permission to post the new Myth updaters here. Currently they are on the Bungie Org Hotline Server ( They reside in the Myth folder in four different formats.

Intersting news concerning a new conversion and a piece about the new poll at Bungie, there has been speculation as to what their motive is.

The Mill has some good updates. This site continues to impress with its detailed information and how smoothly it rolls it all out. Make sure to stop by today. (tonight)


A new update, finally. I have been busy so this update is one that i wondered about and finally came to the conclusion that you out there that study details would probably know the answers. Take a look.

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