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November 1999 Archived News

October 29, 19996:30 p.m.


The Myth site has a great new section. If you haven't seen it yet, the new Legends and Lore, Asylum Night page is up. It is being updated and has some great info. Thanks to Pfhorrest for his work on this.

The Mill has some great new plug-ins. Halloween Night and Night of the Living Dead are just a few of the new files.


Some very interesting news on the Halo site today. There is an "oath" that moves around on the Halo boards concerning Halo and it's POV. At times it has gotten a bit heated up, but nothing like what is reported today. Make sure to read the threads about Voodoo Extreme. A new Seti Halo team page is now posted so get busy and help us search for the Covenant.


Hotline news everywhere. The best news is Rugger emailed me and should be back online very soon. He is still in the process of settling in on the West Coast. If you are an avid Hotline user then you might have noticed that the Bungie Org HL Server is no longer on the popular tracker, Hotline is making some changes and we are now located on the new tracker, Of course if you don't want to go thru the hassle of a tracker, just type in into the connect window.


Not much going on in the world of Oni. But, a very cool Oni comic strip sent in, special thanks to Zach Stroum <>. You can see it here. You might have noticed that Oni Central has now archived all 34 Oni WebReviews. If you know of any that they have missed, make sure to let themknow.

October 28, 19998:00 a.m.

We apologize for yesterday's outage. It seems that one of our zone transfers was incorrectly configured and many of you could not find us. Thanks to Claude for being able to track down this "glitch". Some still might be experiencing some problems, in time, it should clear up.


A brand new screen has been posted along with some new facts concerning the "Halo" and the gas giant. You might have missed the news concerning the possibility of Halo still being first and third person compliant. Nathan still sticks to his guns.


Make sure not to miss our two new Marathon sites. The bighouse looks to be a hit and possibly a new home for some of the more aggressive scenario teams out there. The Orbital Arm Big House


Oni Central will soon be bringing you the next part of the Oni Central Interview with the Bungie West crew, by TomeOne. This is going to be great.

October 26, 199910:00 p.m.

4 days away, and so much has happened! Where to begin? How about alphabetical order:


Matt Soell has replaced Nathan Bitner as Forum Monkey, although Nathan's still pretty much of a presence on our forums. Keep an eye on these two... there is quite a lot of useful information posted by them!

Many sections of the site have gotten facelifts recently... Miscellaneous Art, in particular, should be much more convenient to navigate. Even though the game is nearly a year away, speculation is rife, and activity is high. Stop by and have a look!

The Halo SETI Team was blindsided not too long ago by Bungie... in this one instance, we'd like you to ignore the persuasive words of Bungie, and side with the Halo team... they need members! Join today.


Two new sites came online this week... The Orbital Arm, a site devoted to bringing the best Marathon scenarios to the Wintel community, joined our ranks, and the Big House made its debut, 8 months after its conception. Take a look... they're both worth your time.


What began as an informal gathering on the Asylum forum has turned into a new subsite of Myth at Check out Asylum Night, a home for folks who want to get together, talk myth, and beat the crap out of each other on (It's pretty much of a stealth site right now, but we're working on that.) NIce work, Duckyjo!


Wow... more Oni News than you can shake a stick at. New sites, new previews, a new release date... and a exclusive, an interview with the Bungie West crew, written by our own roving reporter, TomeOne. Read it and learn!

October 22, 199912:00a.m.

Today, sadly we say goodbye to Nathan B. at Bungie Software. He posted today on the Halo forums and as he moves on to continue his eduational career, I would like to personally say thank you. It's people like Nathan, Matt S. and Alex Okita that make what we do as fun as it is. They take the time to communicate, post information (sometimes completely obscure), but they keep the Bungie community "fun". Thanks Nathan and good luck in the future.

On another note, I will be taking a needed break for the next four days. This page won't be updated, but be sure to check out the individual sites everyday.

October 20, 19999:00a.m.

Our Oni contest is still going strong. Don't forget to enter and tell us why you would want this Oni autographed flyer. The article and all the information are over at our Oni site. We still have not received an announcement from Bungie regarding the MacHome article that I posted last Friday. So, as it stands now, it can only be classified as a "speculation".


News about a Myth Halloween contest, find out about this news post today along with some bungie net admin information. The Mill clarifies information regarding cheating when it comes to camera angles and formations. I was never one to argue this point, but some it seems has been discussing this and it's legality.


The Marathon's Story page has some key insights concerning the Duality "mentions" in Infinity. Fonts still seem to be popping up and another error has been found!


More Halo art and a new german Halo site are posted today. I have now gotten to the point that it's just impossible to read all of the posts on the forums. Just take it for granted that there are ALWAYS new posts there and chances are they are going to be great! (by the way I read 4 forums a day along with newsgroups)

October 16, 19991:00a.m.


Many Oni updates tonight, or this morning. First off make sure you read the report on Oni and Internet play. Tuncer Deniz reports that Oni will NOT be out till 2000 and we are still holding the Oni contest for the autographed flyer. So make sure to catch all the Oni news!


More Halo art today. A very cool Halo weapon that most of us missed and our Halo forum seems to be the "hot forum" these days. The number of posts are beginning to get to the point that I can't keep up with them everyday. Make sure you get the latest.


The Marathon Scenario News
will be down for a week or so. No, the site isn't going down but our own local Marathon man, Rugger, is in the process of moving across the US. The great part of his move will be this weekend as I get to meet Rugger for the first time in person. In the meantime, you can check out the new scenario demo that is up at the Bungie Org Hotline Server.

The Marathon Story Page has some great Halo news today along with the first of seven mistakes in the Marathon Scrapbook? HuH? Did the Marathon God himself make a mistake or are there really seven mistakes in the Marathon Scrapbook? You be the judge.


Myth has some confirmations on The Total Myth Codex. The Mill has the new updater for The Wild West. There seems to be a unforseen delay on part of it though so make sure to get the details.

October 15, 19995:30p.m.


Oni won't have Internet play as read today in the MacHome November Issue. Make sure you jump over the Oni site and read it for youself.

October 15, 19998:30a.m.


TheWild West version 2 is now posted. The Mill has has your links for mirrors along with direct links to the files. The Myth page has some Myth Total Codex information this morning. Make sure you check out the Marathon Story page, there is a very good post concerning this product.


Oni contest? You want a chance to win the flyer? Head on over and read the short but sweet information. ThisOni Flyer that we have mentioned so much about is different then the ones that went out with the press kit. It's worth a look and while you are there, might as well go ahead and enter. Remember send all entries to!

October 14, 19998:30a.m.


The Oni contest info is posted. GOOD LUCK!


A new Wild West version will be posted today. From what I gather, the mirrors are just about ready to go with this new updated version. The Mill has all the facts. Pie has also posted some interesting news on the Myth site concerning a need or an all call for a new Myth utility.


The Marathon Story Page has received an answer to the "Island Four" posts. Along with some other widely spread speculations.

The Archives have a new M2 solo scenario... go get out of jail!


Oni forums are still going strong. The recent post concerning the Oni engine and inverse kinematics seems to have stirred up a lot of speculations. The Oni Flyer give away contest is just about ready to start, I hope to post something this afternoon.


Halo aliens? More discussion on the third "race" of beings. Make sure to check out the links, there is news about this comment across the net. This is a great indication showing how many are reading the forums everyday.

October 13, 199910:30a.m.

Thanks to WWBChat for sending me this link. You can now pick up the transcript of the "Complete" Doug Zartman chat at WWBChat.


The Marathon Story Page starts an interesting topic today based on Nathan's post. This post under the topic of Island Four comments on "does anyone know the meaning of Halo?". Make sure to read about this, it notes a hint!.


Oni news all around. Although some of the updates points to some older Oni news, there is still some interesting stuff there. The Oni forums here at Oni Central are starting to take off again. Interesting thread right now is whether or not Konoko is a cyborg?


Myth at bungie org has some great news. A new Myth game along with speculations on what it contains and what is in the grahic.

The Mill posts info on a Wild West Linux version.

October 12, 1999 10:00 am (cst)


The Mill reminds you that ratings benefit everyone, so don't forget to stop back and rate the files you've downloaded!


Ouch. The Bungie SETI Team has managed to surpass the Halo SETI team, thanks in part to two defections (Ferrex, shame on you!) and the addition of a previously unaffiliated (but very result-rich) number-cruncher. Now, we're torn, because is devoted to Bungie games, but was designated the Official Website of the Halo SETI Team. Given Bungie's sneaky tactics, though... we're pulling for the Halo team. Join today and make a difference!


The Archives have a new scenario demo today... two levels of blood-pounding fun! Check it out.

October 11, 1999 9:00 am (cst)

We start today with the Marathon Story Page. For all you Marathon junkies out there that think you know everything there is to know about Marathon, try to figure out this morning's Marathon riddle. Good Luck! And, if you get to the point of having that all figured out, then you might like to take a look at the winning prize over at our Oni site.

I will admit that at first I had this whole contest/prize thing worked out. But, when we finally got to see what the prize looked like, and we started to notice the increased activity on ourOni server, we decided to pull back and rethink this contest.

We are only going to change up the rules a bit. It would seem only fair since this prize is really going to be a "one of a kind" and to whoever the winner might be, the back side of this thing is REALLY a surprise. In fact, I can't even print what is on the back side, but, by the time we give it away I should get an ok from Bungie. This is truly going to be a collector's item.

The Halo site has discovered some more Halo screenshots on the web. Not new ones, but, just some found in another location. There is also some talk on the Halo forum concerning the latest Cortana sighting. Thanks to the Core for the heads up on that one. Although we had some down time on The Mill server briefly over the weekend, you can still snag The Wild West.

Myth news? Yeah, we got it. Thanks to Pie, there is news on a new tournament and some interesting news that is currently being generated on agm2.
October 8, 1999 7:30 pm

Checking back with the IMG Website today, it seems that the problem that game developers have with ports might not be all that true. In any event, check out the IMG website for all the latest. Special thanks for their news articles today. It's appreciated.....

I was going to post a report here..but best to let our spokesperson do that.

We have some numbers on the progress of distributing the fabulous Wild West MythII conversion to a frothing and wet lathered public. The Mill's
tracking software reports that since the October 7 high noon release:

* it got more than 1000 downloads on the first day
* 54 ratings with a ratio of 4.94 out of 5
* highest rated plugin ever on the mill
* highest downloaded conversion ever on The Mill

We are looking at 1635 downloads totaling 19,620 megs served from The Mill alone. Multiply that by the number of mirrors (Inside Mac Games,
MacAddict, the Borg Hotline and CPHL) and that adds up to ...mumble mumble, carry the 7... awww heck, it adds up to a LOT of bytes flying around the Internet!!

MacGaming has some news today on the chat with Doug Zartman that took place the other night. I was there and when this incident happened, I basically just blew it off. But as it says in the article, it was a slip.

The Halo site has added some really cool art, you will need Flash to view it.

While I am talking about artwork...check out the Oni site ..a late update shows the Oni flyer that we are going to give away. Sorry about the script, but I want the person that ends up with it to win something special. Head over to the Oni site and read all about it.

October 8, 1999 00:30 am

The Halo page just keeps screaming along. The Core is back, Halo Central is back, Halo sites just popping up all over the net. (Which I think is great). It's almost as if it was the old Marathon days all over again. The Myth site has some good updates that lead off to the Vid section and The Mill is burning up the pipelines with The Wild West downloads. A few alternate download spots have popped up, check out The Mill for the latest update.

The Oni page has the new screen along with some "lively" post on the forums. It looks as if there might be a handful of posters on the forums, but, the post concerning Konoko's sunglasses is a great find!

The MacLedge site is sporting news concerning this weekends Mac event. It would be nice to live close enough to go have a look see. They along with MacGamer are reporting the unbelievable report of Apple not supporting game developers with hardware. IMG posted the same news today but their report specifically talked about two games and that they would do the following:

"IMG will contact Apple's Partnership Manager for games, Kathy Tafel, and see what she thinks about the current situation. "

And now for something completely different.

If this guy needs help in deciding about what machine to use, after all this time, then I say let him be on his own. I mean, what's he going to do this time, watch all the Mac Advocates let him know what he's missing and then watch him tell us all again that Apple is going out of business within the year, etc..etc.. Thanks to Alex Okita for the heads up on this one.

October 7, 1999

11:25 a.m.
Here's a special announcement that I just received:

"You fixin' to die old and gray, tired and whimpering with two bits to your name and only cold gruel to suck out of your empty stinking gum holes? Listen up pardner, Wyatt Earp is roundin' up a posse and headin' up to the town of Hog Wallow, he's going to take down Cold Chuck Johnny and his boys.Gonna string 'em up or shoot 'em down. There's 20 dollars gold and a name to be made fer yerself by hitchin' up with 'em."

This news reaches you while you are with a branding crew working for old Jeb Thompson, a mean SOB who still hasn't paid you for the 3 weeks hard work you gave him. 16 hours a day of roasting your hands over branding coals. Sick of breaking your back and aching for adventure you saunter up to old Jeb and bury your scarred, burnt fist deep into his guts as hard as you can. "Paid in full you old bastard" you mutter as you step over his curled and gurgling form. You ride back into town and sign up for the adventure of a lifetime and the next morning you find yourself in the town of Hog Wallow, armed and willing to die for a cause...

Welcome to "The Wild West", a crap in your pants, barroom brawl of a MythII:Soulblighter conversion brought to your by the Bar7 group. Tired of
the same old thing? Well, when was the last time:

* You got pithed like a lab frog by the .44 caliber projectile of a Winchester repeater
* A dance hall girl punched you backwards into a whiskey filled horse trough
* Your scrotum swelled up into the exact shape of your saddle
* You had your leg sawed off by a drunken surgeon who stank of urine
* You got BSed by somebody's Myth conversion release hype

The Wild West features all this (and this ain't no hype you varmints):

* All new map
* All new units
* New ambient life
* Professional new sounds
* Destroyable stuff
* New weapons and effects from them
* New and altered scenery
* 4 new meshes for the new map
* Exceeds Bungie quality
* And many surprises

So y'all mosey on over to or Thursday October 7 at high noon PST and turn them thar tenderfeet inta boot leather, them greenhorns inta longhorns and them Saturday afternoons into lost weekends!

Gary Simmons

the Battle Cat

The Halo site has gotten an early start today. Discussion concerning logos and the Bungie flag can also be found at the Story Page. The Zartman chat had some interesting news concerning the #2 that so many have been asking about. You should be able to find it about halfway down the page. If anyone has the complete chat, send it on.

The Oni site has clarification on the new screenshot along with some Konoko questions on the forum. I have been checking the official Oni site for any new news, but, as of yet, still nothing.

Be watching for some Myth related announcements. Something very special should be coming soon. It will be posted here first!

We are still running two Hotline mirror servers for all those that want to snag any of the latest Halo movies or any of the large Oni files. If you need help with Hotline, feel free to let me know.

Oct. 6, 1999

Late Update

World Without Borders held a chat this evening sponsored by MacAddict with Doug Zartman of Bungie Software. Although the questions were good, it was tough to archive. The full chat will be posted at WWB tomorrow evening. But, in the meantime, I was able to get part of it. Please understand this is very rough. and I DID miss some.

Afternoon Update


The Oni site has a new shot today. This screenshot was sent in and it is starting to look like there is a difference in this game. Take alook.

Halo and Rumors

Yet they were everywhere, and after a long two hour Steve Jobs "Special Event", most of us were disappointed that there was nothing concerning Bungie. But late yesterday evening, the Halo site switches to it's new format. A new movie? Well, there are speculations but I will leave that up to the Halo people on theHalo forums to sort out.

Maybe to make up for the "non Bungie Special Event" yesterday from Apple, we now have rotating Halo pages? The Halo site has all the information and it is changing by the hour.


Although we thought there "might" be, and I strees "might be", something new regarding Oni yesterday, for the Oni followers it turned out to be "nill". But don't worry, we will be cranking up our contest here soon, so be patient and check back for more details. And not to spread another rumor, I still believe we will see something new concerning Oni very soon.


Some great updates at the Myth site, votes for the best monster? The Mill has also posted it's monthly report. Some of the figures are once again, amazing!

Oct. 5, 1999

Halo Update

Finally, the movie has been released! You can get it here at these two Hotline sites right now. First thing in the morning it will be at

Hotline IP --
Hotline IP --


Make sure to go to the Halo site for the latest information regarding the Halo movies. Yes there are two of them..all of the links are posted today on the Halo page.

Update: The versions of the CGW movie needed to be removed due to insane demand. (We served over 20 gigabytes of this movie in the last 18 hours.) The CGW Movie page has a list of mirror sites where this file is still available. We apologize for any inconvenience.


We do have a movie of the Oni ZDNet Cast but ours has no sound. If anyone out there captured this with good sound, let me


The Marathon Story page has links to movies as well along with the usual great information.

That's all for now as we wait for the next two hours go by.

Oct. 4, 1999

Late Update

We now have a new version of the Halo movie that was uploaded today. This movie is now right at 18 megs. It has been compressed and the quality is just about the same. Right now it is only at the HL Server. ( We are on the tracker If you still need some help, let me know.


Many updates at the Story Page today. With the new movie found, things have been rather "nutz" around here. Check the page for todays chapter, err...update.


The Oni site has a link to a new poll along with news concerning a video that can be downloaded.


Some more artwork, (haven't I said that before?), along with a cool macamp skin, that can be found at Halo or the Bungie Hotline Server. The new Halo MWNY trailer has been uploaded over at the Core. This has some scenes that have been reported as "new" compared to what we saw in July. I am in the process of uploading to the Hotline server, as soon as I can get permission.
October 3,1999


I got so caught up in readingHalo posts this morning, here on the Halo forums and over at the Core, that I almost forgot about updating here. Some great new interesting info concerning the MWNY Halo trailer, but, I really believe after Tuesday we will all have new trailers to talk about.

Never have I, and I will admit that I am *primarily* a Mac user, (so this stuff might have been going on in the PC World for sometime), seen so much hype over a game that has yet to even see the Beta world. These forum posts are beginning to take close to half of my day to get through. They are great, but there are so MANY! : )

Oh, yeah...on the Halo site we have some new art plus some GRAND specualtions on the forums.


The lastest Oni contest has been announced. The posting on the Oni forum has gone down a little bit, but, I hope that will all change in this upcoming week. Let us know what you think about the forum changes and be checking on our Oni contest.


A last but not late post concerning The Wild West . We are all excited about this soon to be released plugin. The Mill has posted a few stats, but be prepared as Fm gets ready to post his monthly numbers.


The Story page has some great Island Four speculations along with a possible connection between Bungie's next big game and Nathan B. I agree with Miguel, my head is starting to hurt. Someone get me the aspirin! Anyway some great news that you will not want to miss.

**special note..remember that you can find all downloadable files at the Bungie Hotline Server**
October 2,1999


Some great reports this morning at the Story Page concerning the "FreeWill" forum posting. Yesterday I posted info concerning an Apple Event and it's possible tie-in with Bungie. Since I hadn't read the Halo forums as of that posting, I didn't notice FreeWill's post concerning the very same subject. He is posting some very interesting info and the Story Page has the route to find it.


Our Hotline server has taken off faster then any of us ever thought it would. To mark this event some of the "regulars" have been making Oni, Halo and Bungie Org icons. We are now prepared to take this one step farther. Very soon we will be announcing our Hotlline Icon contest. So be looking for all the details and info. I have heard talk that the prizes are worth the time to enter this event.


The Oni site starts the month off today with an announcement of a great Oni contest. Make sure your up to date on everything as we start to give out the rules and information. Today, we announce what the prize is going to be. Let us know what you think on the Oni forum.


Halo forum mayhem! Thats all that can be said about it and when you/re done here jump over to the Core site. The forums there are going full blast as well.

October 1,1999


Well, it happened Wednesday, but we've been busy... The Mill has gotten a facelift. At first glance, the change is minor... but it's not. Should make finding your favorite plugin just that much easier.


Freewill speculates on the Apple Event on the Halo Forums.


The Oni page reports that Quinn Dunki, one of the Bungie West programming team, has left for greener pastures.She'll be missed.


Not much yet this morning. This morning looks to be starting very slow. BUT, and I stress that very cautiously, there is some news over at Apple. By the way, you are going to need Quicktime 4 for this event so there is no reason to not get ready.

Apple says this is going to be a special event. I have NO IDEA what it could be. Certain events have transpired over the last week and I am basing my speculation on that.

Does it have anything to do with Bungie?

What do you think?

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