October 2000 News Archive

October 31, 2000, 2:43 pm

Bungie.org would like to wish all of you a Happy Halloween! For those of you going dressed as Konoko, Balor, or T'fear (we've heard rumors), be sure to get some pictures and send 'em in to Bungie Sightings. There's nothing quite like opening the door for trick-or-treaters, only to find a similacrum running straight at you...

Something is definitely fishy over at Rampancy.net. Venture over and see... if you dare....


Our man Hamish does the time warp again and winds up back at the Story page, where in the latest update numerous questions abound. Is Halo inspired by the works of Heinlein? Was Marathon 2 the first FPS to feature falling shell casings? If you shoot a Bob with the fusion pistol and no one is around to hear it... well, you get the idea. Think you've got the answers? Check it out...


Thanks to all who applied for the Myth news gig, but the position has been filled. And with that, everyone please welcome Lophan to our Myth news staff! Lophan comes to us from the old Myth Codex site, where he was "Keeper of the Head". (The B.org head has little to do with Myth...)

And with a new news guy comes... news. Get the lowdown on a new Myth map pack, available at the Mill. The full story is, as always, available at our Myth site.


The Halo Marine visits Cutesville and returns with another new sketch, available at HBO.

October 30, 2000, 5:27 pm


Fresh from the server move, Orbital Arm gets an update. The new Aleph One for Windows opens up a lot of new avenues for Marathon fans on Windows- but how far can it go? Orbital Arm looks into it... Please note: With the server change, some Internet providers may not update to account for the switch until later. So, if you visit and you don't see any new content, don't worry- it may be a day or so before your Internet provider updates.


Our Myth crew pours all their enthusiasm into this week's latest Myth update. Check out some new shots of the upcoming Myth conversion, Jinn; or, perhaps you'd be more interested in reading all about the numerous new tournaments in the works. But I'll tell you what I'm really interested in:

We need a talented fellow who enjoys Myth and enjoys updating news pages to... update our Myth news page. This was posted a couple days ago, but after reading Forrest's latest Myth update it's more apparent than ever that the site really could use some help. So, if you're interested, be sure to send us an email telling us who you are, your qualifications, and why you think you'd be a good addition to our team (other than that we need someone).


As if there wasn't enough conflict over there already... The Halo SETI Marines rumble with the "Israaliens" and take a wallopin'. The full report can be found today on HBO... along with news of a new Halo fan si... oh, good lord, that thing is broken.

October 29, 2000, 1:43 pm


A Halo site changes its name. Wow. Yup, it's at HBO.

October 28, 2000, 3:30 pm


Numerology discussion, and speculation about Bungie's upcoming fan offerings, can be found today on the Marathon's Story page. Believe what you want... but we think Bungie is in cahoots with the Russian mafia to steal their own trade secrets and then collect on the insurance. These speculations are just an attempt to muddy the waters.

A new map is available at the Archives today. No, it's not solo (we're getting lots of mail asking for new solo maps)... but take a look anyway.

The ScenarioNews page has info about a Big House resident, Killing Time. When Chris gets back to work on the scenario, there should be some relief for those solo-map-starved Marathon junkies out there...

Apologies to everyone about the Orbital Arm website. We're hoping that thingswill inprove in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, hang tough... the best is yet to come!


Myth news? We don't need no steenkin' Myth news. Well, actually we do. We're pretty desperately in need of a newsie for our Myth site... if you think you've got the stamina to actually update the page every few days, please drop us a line!


In case you missed it yesterday, Matt Soell posted his weekly Oni update to Oni Central. Bottom line - it's coming, soon. (Go read the details, though, if you don't like people summarizing things for you.)


Matt also sent his weekly Halo update in yesterday... it's up at HBO. This one's more expansive, because Matt wrote it AFTER going to the bathroom. There's also new fan fiction, new wallpapers, and a new Halo site... and who said the buyout would kill fan interest in this game?

October 27, 2000, 5:14 pm


More Microsoft jokes and some battle statistics today at Marathon's Story. By the way, guys, obviously the kills-per-minute statistic came from the little counter in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen...

A really LAME new program is released for Aleph One scenario designers... Read all about it at Marathon Open Source.


Marty O'Donnell reveals some information on Oni over at Oni Central. Fans of the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion may be very interested to find out who's doing the voice for Konoko...

Plus: Matt's weekly Oni update!


Quake III's Weapons Factory Arena coming to Halo? Microsoft hackers get ahold of 31337 Halo beta? Pierre spotted at PlayStation 2 launch in San Francisco? See for yourself today at HBO.

Timmy gets pile-drived into a metal chair today at Jimmy's Hawaiian Punch Emporium. Check it out!

October 25, 2000, 8:50 pm

For our North American readers planning to buy a PlayStation 2 this evening, remember the way of the Vidmaster - never stop firing! Otherwise you'll never even make it into the store...


Ancient Chinese fortune cookie seems to be the hot topic this week at Marathon's Story. In today's update: Tons of cool links that may help to shed some light on the inspiration for one of Marathon's level names. (If you ask me, Greg just made it up.)

More news on Beyond the Aurora today at Scenario News - ah, what's this?... A screenshot! Impressive stuff - check it out!


It's official, folks - Oni's coming in January! Oni Central has the details.


Artwork! Fan fiction! Germans! HBO is a-bustlin' with activity today - be sure to stop by and read up on the latest news.

October 24, 2000, 5:11 pm

We received a cryptic message today from Pierre, via phone. Although the conversation was too brief for us to lock a trace, we did manage to record it, and will provide the transcript to you here:

Bonjour. I 'ave ze beats zat make you go Vicky-Vock. Zee if you can find me! Anozzer hint vill be vorthcoming if you cannot figure zis out.


Today at Marathon's Story: Following yesterday's birthday wish to Stefan Sinclair, he seems to have jumped from the Halo team to the Bungie Community team. Yikes! Also, read all about interesting theories involving numbers (doubtlessly a first for the Story page) and more thoughts on ancient Chinese fortune cookie. "Kato?.... Kaaaaatooooo?..."


Finally! I've waited all my life for this! Wallpaper that you can turn upside-down -- HBO has the details... I'm exposticated! Marvelous!

October 23, 2000, 7:30 pm

Bungie.org would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Stefan Sinclair of the Halo development team. Happy Birthday, Stefan!

Pathways Into Darkness

The secrets of the dead are slowly being unlocked at our Pathways Into Darkness site. Do you have what it takes to talk to every dead person in the game?


Today at Marathon's Story: "Earn more sessions by sleeving". Hamish Sinclair delves deep into the true meaning of ancient Chinese fortune cookie. Also, read all about the (true?) origins of the marathon run.

It's hot, it's fresh, it's Marathon Open Source news just like Grandma used to make before we dumped her into a vat of tar. How do you make Marathon even better-looking? You add support for higher-quality textures! News on this and a new page devoted to the Windows build of Aleph One can be found today at Marathon Open Source.


So it begins. Word has it that Oni posters and other various propaganda are appearing all over the country. But wait! That's not all! A new interview at Stomped.com reveals that an Oni comic book is in the works at Dark Horse- and reveals some Oni storyline info as well. Read all about it today at Oni Central.


Today at HBO: Another new chapter in The Book of 'Don't F&@$! with Matt Soell', along with some new fan-created logos and the latest Halo SETI Marine update.

October 22, 2000, 12:48 pm

Our private investigator reports in today, hot on Pierre's trail. It seems that Pierre is somewhere in Seattle. If you live in the Seattle area, be on the lookout for this man. He may be using an alias such as "Geoff Tate" or "Eddie Vedder".

Pathways Into Darkness

In case you missed it the other day, a secret room has been found in Pathways Into Darkness. Now, today, a secret room has been found inside of this secret room. Likely, yet another secret room will be found tomorrow, with Pierre hiding inside... Get all the details at our PID site.


Another Marathon sound sighting, this time in a Jackie Chan movie. Undeniably the sound effect was lifted directly from Marathon. Why, rumor has it Mr. Chan has a copy of Forge and is using it to recreate his bathroom as a scenario for Aleph One. Don't believe it? Marathon's Story has the relevant info.


Rumor has it the newest member of the Halo team is in reality the Prime Minister of Australia. Could it be true? Also, the developers of Strike Force (for Unreal Tournament) seem to be cookin' up something for Halo. Get the 411 today at HBO.

October 21, 2000, 5:21 pm

Seems yesterday's hint about Pierre's intentions was a decoy. Thanks to observant reader Peter Petrovich who reports a Pierre sighting this morning somewhere in Nevada. The search continues; in the meantime, investigate Mr. Petrovich's snapshot for yourself.


A big Halo update today at the Marathon's Story page. Matt Soell delivers his weekly progress report, just as promised- and could it be true that Jason Jones is writing an episode of Frasier? Well, he's writing something...

A new version of Aleph One SDL is on the way and Marathon Open Source has the lowdown on what's new / what's fixed. Check it out!


Lots of great Halo news today at HBO. Aside from the aforementioned Halo update from Matt Soell, there's news on new (and newly-departed) Halo team members, in addition to news of big happenings at some other well-known Halo sites, and newer Halo sites as well. Do yourself a favor and read today's mammoth update.

October 20, 2000, 4:41 pm

More news on the whereabouts of Pierre! Jonathan Felts writes the following:

"I have seen him again!!! I went to my uncles hotel only to find blood everywhere and this note:
(translated for viewing purposes)"

Dear Nasty American,

You think you are so smart trying to get information from youruncle, well, I killed him! He was stupid enough to let me rent a roomand when he came to bring me fresh towels, I rushed up behind him andpressed my fingers into his temples until they met. He flopped to thefloor and his puny brain leaked on the toiletries he so carefullycleaned that day. You should have seen his face when I stuffed it fullof frog legs. Did you hear that Bungie.org? I said "FROG LEGS". Now,you will have no way of finding where I am headed, so don't try. I wasnot fooled be the way you said you liked me to lure me out of hiding,and I don't use cow hoofs....to write. If you happen to follow me Iwill find your address and send stinky, imported cheese to you foraslong as you live.

From the "French Devil", Pierre

"When I found my uncle there was a note inside of his jacket pocket. All that was on it was," Pierre is heading to Fra...." Dock patrol hasreported that Pierre has stowed away on a little fishing boat attachedto a yacht. Only one of the two patrollers made it back alive as Pierrewas shooting at them. Poerre is now armed and very dangerous. Thereturning patroller had only this picture to show, and he does not yetknow were he is headed."

"I will try to report any more informaion about Pierre and what he is up to. He seems to be up to something bigger than just being sad. I'lltry to found out what that is."

Jonathan also had this sighting of Pierre.

Pathways Into Darkness

A secret room hidden all these years finally revealed. What other secrets does Pathways Into Darkness hold?


Marathon's Story has something on a Marathon spotting...sort of.

Scenario News has word on a poll that may decide the outcome of a scenario.


Myth@Bungie.Org gets a much needed news update including a press release.


Oni Central has posted Matt's Oni update for this week, check it out!

October 19, 2000, 2:52 pm

Thanks to all who wrote in yesterday with their Pierre sightings. As oflast sighting Pierre was somewhere in the New England region; he appears tohave evaded our trackers for the moment, but one of our readers did manageto capture this photographof Pierre. Try as he might, Pierre doesn't blend in too well. Another readerreports that he spotted Pierre this morning in Detroit, apparently trying tobum some Grey Poupon off of a rich guy. See the photograph here.

Also, kudos to Jonathan Felts, who informed us that Pierre has taken"Randall Stevens" as an alias. He may use it again, he may find another...In any case, if you spot Pierre in your neighborhood, be sure to let us know sowe can bring him home quickly.


Cheat codes for Marathon? CHEAT CODES? Cripes, what's next? The Story page has the details.Sordid as they are.

A new Tempus Irae netmap has popped up at the Archives... thank goodness for the Tempus Irae Addon for Aleph One!


HBO received its 100th desktop image today... woohoo! There's also news of a Halo short story competition elsewhere on the web - worth a look.

October 18, 2000, 2:25 pm

Pierre has escaped! We finally managed to beat down the door to his room only to find that he had tunneled out out of the room, his pathway out of the house concealed by a poster of Racquel Welch. All we found of him was a muddy pair of socks, a bar of soap, and an ol' rock hammer dang near worn down to the nub.

The search continues in the meantime- and we need your help! We've created this picture of Pierre; most agree that it represents him in fine detail. If you spot Pierre in your neighborhood, be sure to let us know!

Technically, we have news today.


Yet another new Halo clan or two today at HBO.

October 17, 2000, 3:19 pm

Well Pierre still won't come out of his room, we've begged him to come out but his chanson vinyl playing is far too loud for him to hear us.

And now to the updates:

Pathways Into Darkness

Ponderings from a reader is today's Pathways Into Darkness update.


An old Marathon site returns from the dead and Halo-Alien comparisons at Marathon's Story.

Scenario News has news of an...interesting new scenario...

The Archives has two more additions, take a look!

October 16, 2000, 4:05 pm

Pierre received his first flame yesterday. It may not surprise you to know that he's locked himself in his room and won't come out. We even brought over Charlotte fron 22 Acacia and he wouldn't answer.

So, be sure to send him an email letting him know just what you think about the job he's doing at Bungie.org. If you think he's doing a great job- that's great! Maybe he'll even open the door. If you think he sucks, let him know and we'll hand him the gun; at least he'll have a reason to be silent.

Pathways Into Darkness

Can it be true? Looks like our Pathways Into Darkness site has been updated with some cool new information. All of its secrets shall be revealed to you...


The Big House has received a hyper-slick new redesign guaranteed to make browsing more pleasant and efficient. For those of you unfamiliar with The Big House, it's B.org's own storage warehouse for aspiring Marathon scenario designers. Interested in putting your scenario on Big House? Head on over and get all the details.

A new version of Aleph One is available today; Marathon Open Source has the full story. Full support for QuickTime? OOooOoOOoOoOOOoOooh Yayeah!!


More new Halo sites and the latest SETI Marine progress report over at HBO today.

October 14, 2000, 2:07 pm


To-day at Marat'on's Ztory, Happy Birth-day wishes to ze Bungie gang- zere names elude me... how do you say...? Chu-cky? Oui, well, Happy Birth-day to Monsieur Chu-cky and ze rest.

Sacré bléu! Ze Marat'on Rampancy Alpha version, she is out! She is releas-ed! I advise you to go and down-load zis new Marat'on mod for Tournament de Unreal right away!

Ze Zenario News crew is in a de-pression... vut? Oh, no it is just a new zenario for Marat'on, called De-pression. Oh, and zere are new screen-shots as vell.

Zere has been an update to ze Marat'on Open Zource page... Pierre cannot explain it! Open Gee-Ell? Vell... voyez pour vous-même, mes amis...


Monsieur Soell, he is on ze ram-page! Anozzer enormous progression re-port is at Oni Zentral to-day - and a new Oni advertisement, as vell.


As the Americans say, "Wow!". Monsieur Soell, he 'az made 'is progression re-port to ze HBO forum. News! Enormous news!

October 13, 2000, 6:29 pm

I have been asked not to zpeak of vut I vas doing with ze frog's legs... vut is zo wrong with zem? I do not zee why I cannot eat ze frog's legs but vous, oui, vous can eat zis... chili. It is zo t'ick! I cannot bear it!


And zpeaking of chili, to-day at ze Marat'on's Story page zere is much ado about Pablo Neruda and Monsieur Bitner. Oh, and vut is zis about ze breaking of ze pumpkins? ...Ahh, it is October! Hallo-ween!

Do not forget zat ze Marat'on Rampancy alpha version, she will be released to-night at dinner-time. Zo, ensuite dîner, be sure to ztop by ze Marat'on Rampancy zite for ze download! Ahh, Tournament de Unreal... "Ma maison!" Hee-hee-hee...


Zzzzzz... zz.. eh? Ah! Zere is activitie over at ze Battleground Halo- ahh, a Halo party game! Halo Libs. "Ze next bunny rabite of ze Republic of ze Equestrians is Monsieur Doug Zartman!" ...Oh, and zere is zome zort of Vinamp skin as vell- it is all to be found at ze HBO.

October 13, 2000, 12:52 pm


We received this press release at 8 PDT today frome the Marathon|Rampancy gang. Pierre was off doing unspeakable things with frog's legs, so this doesn't have his inimitable charm... but hey, news is news.

Well, the day's finally here, the mod's almost ready to go out the door, and I'm about ready to collapse. An ---> ALPHA <--- version of Marathon|Rampancy will be released around dinner pacific standard time for those of you who want to check it out.

I'll be posting a lot on our forums today to keep everybody informed of the status of the mod and what you should expect, so if you want to maximize your enjoyment of it, please stop by the forums and read the posts.

Well, it's back to coding for me. I've got about 8 hours to get some more work done, so...

See ya starside,


October 12, 2000, 6:37 pm


Je suis stupéfié! It was not enough zat yester-day ve vere given ze new Marat'on game-types. To-day, on Marat'on Open Zource, you will find a new version of ze Aleph One- pour Vindows! Oui, and it 'as OpenGL support as well. Zis is amazing!

And speaking of open zource, ze Marat'on Arena pro-ject (converting Marat'on to ze Quake III), oui, il est terminé, but now ze zource from ze project is available. If you want to continue zis pro-ject zen you should go to ze Marat'on Arena site for all ze goodies.

If zat is not enough pour vous, zen visit Marat'on's Story to-day and read about ozzer Marat'on conversions, to ze Unreal engine and ze Half-Life engine. You can also read about ze new QuickTime 5, and Ze Conversation, and weapons too... Zis sounds like a Gene Hackman motion picture!


Quelle belle dame! Zere is a new desk-top picture to-day at Oni Central- and it zeems to be a hidden desk-top picture from Bungie.com! How could it have been overlooked? Ze veil, she has been removed!


Zere is a new Halo clan on ze horizon- but what is zis? A Halo site closes up shop? Zertainly not ours... but read about it at ze HBO.

October 11, 2000, 2:08 pm

Bonjour, mes amis! C'est moi, Pierre, here to-day to report all ze news at Bungie.org. I hope zat you are feeling well to-day!


Zere iz zome zort of Internet game package at Marat'on Open Zource. Ve posted about ze Marat'on Net SDK a few days ago, oui... now, it 'az been used to create t'ree new game-types for Marat'on! Capture ze Flag, De-fense, and Rugby- and if you are in-trested, be sure to down-load it right awaaaaaaaay!

Sacré bleu! I have found a large co-llection of new Marat'on maps at ze Marat'on Archives. Vould vous like to play ze Space Invaders in ze Marat'on? And if you liked Marat'on RED, download ze new netpack pour RED. C'est fantastique!

Eye implants? Rocket fuel? I am lost to-day at Marat'on's Story, where you, mon ami, will find poor Pierre's head spinning helplessly, oui. If you can make zome zense of zis, go there now and read. ...Oh, and what's zis about a new QuickTime?


Zomeone has created a new Halo logo at ze HBO page to-day. Sacré bleu; but zere is no-sing else to report! My job, Il est terminé, and I must go home... oh, but I am very sad.

October 10, 2000, 9:16 pm


A new Marathon scenario, Dissent, is released today! Note that the initial release was later found to contain a small bug, which will be fixed soon if it hasn't already been fixed by the time you read this. Get all the details at Scenario News.

Phoenix? Fantasy Siege? Try to guess the name of the new Bungie game over at Marathon's Story today. Personally, my money's on "Days and Nights in Bag End"...


In today's news at Oni Central: It looks like Oni won't be released as a hybrid after all. Also, be sure to vote in the new Oni Central poll!

October 9, 2000, 6:27 pm


Al Spaceman confirms that he visits Marathon Open Source far too often... and so should you! Head on over today for a new build of Aleph One, complete with a new theme.

Ever played 'net Marathon with 64 players? Now you can with the Net Games SDK (short for "software development kit"). With this and Aleph One, you'll be able to create innovative new gametypes for up to 64 players. Get it now - we're dying to know where this is going to lead...

Is Robert Blake a human or a DarkSim? Is that your real eye, Mr. Blake? Find out at Marathon's Story.


The Ministry of Security adds a forum... and it's so secure, you can't get in! In the meantime, be sure to visit our padlock-free Myth forums.


Could an Oni GURPS RPG be in the works? Oni Central has the details... sorta.


Today at HBO: this week's SETI Marine stats... and a new preview- hang on, is this even a preview? ...We'll let you decide.

October 9, 2000, 9:57 am


Just when you thought you knew about all the Marathon-to-Unreal conversions (Resurrection, Frogblast, the defunct MaraUnreal), along comes a new one: Marathon|Rampancy. (No relation to Rampancy, the Marathon-to-Half-Life conversion in progress.) Here's the press release:

Back at the start of the summer when Bungie had been bought by Microsoft and the future of Mac Halo was in doubt, two Marathon-lovers teamed up and started learning how to mod-make in order to revive Marathon's multiplayer experience. Three months and a heck of a lot of caffeine later, the mod is almost ready for prime time.

Announcing Marathon|Rampancy for UT.

Marathon|Rampancy combines Bungie's incredible multiplayer game design with all new John Woo inspired visuals. Marathon|Rampancy features new looks for the weapons and the HUD while retaining Marathon's awesome weapon balance, gametypes, sounds, and physics. Marathon|Rampancy changes the basic way that UT plays so that it feels like Marathon without attempting a total Marathon conversion including maps and player models.

Stop by and take a sneak peak at www.marathonrampancy.com. An alpha version (stable, but not feature complete) will be released this coming Friday the 13th for everyone who is curious.
Go check 'em out!
October 8, 2000, 1:31 pm


Bungie.org welcomes Alex Skov, the newest member of the Marathon Open Source team. Good to have you aboard, Alex!


Some smooth new(?) screenshots today at Oni Central. If you don't head on over and check these out right now... I can't help you.


Will the Mac version of Halo be released at the same time as the Xbox version? Apple says yes, then Bungie says no... and now Apple says yes again, and brings Microsoft's Vice-President of Games into it. Who will emerge victorious? Find out today at HBO.

October 7, 2000, 2:50 pm


A new report on Aleph One's progress with multiple sound formats is available today at Marathon Open Source. For those of you interested in putting MP3s into your Marathon scenarios, you'll want to check this out.

Lots of goodies today over at Marathon's Story; another Marathon logo spotted (perhaps), continuing Bussard ramjet discussion, and more.

More news from the Leviathan team today at Scenario News. Leviathan is shaping up to be an interesting scenario... Marathon fans should definitely take a look.

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