Movies from the fanfest (Harry | May 17, 2001 10:43 AM PDT)
We've got three movies that show Halo gameplay at the fanfest, we want mirrors, though. If you can mirror the second movie then drop me a line ASAP.

First movie ( 5 and a half minutes, solo play (second session) - highlights are the covenant dropship, the 'rays of buddha' effect, some good fighting at the end (26.5 megs).

Second movie ( 8-player net game - two teams of CTF. Minute and a half (6 megs).

Third movie ( Solo-player's heaven wherea ton of stuff is shown, it's really great. I love it when the NPC says "I got shotgun, man!" (60 megs).

And please, if you can mirror, let me know!

Current Mirrors:

Hippieman's Hotline server (North America) - (Requires Hotline client)

3of9's Hotline server (North America) - (Requires Hotline client) (Matt Boyd) (North America) -

Rymden (European) - First Movie | Second Movie | Third Movie

The Junkyard (North America) - First Movie | Second Movie | Third Movie (http) (North America) - (ftp) (North America) ->

Halo (Europe) - First Movie | Second Movie | Third Movie (Canada) - First Movie | Second Movie | Third Movie

Battleground: Halo (North America) - First Movie | Second Movie | Third Movie

HaloCenter (North America) - First Movie | Second Movie | Third Movie

Many thanks to everyone who offered to mirror!

Bungie Fanfest V - Whoa. (Claude | May 17, 2001 1:01 AM PDT)
Thanks to Miguel 'Freewill' Chavez, Bungie Fanfest V was a rollicking success. Over 100 Bungie fans showed up for a rambling reminiscence of Bungie's first 10 years in the software business (May 15 was Bungie's official 10th birthday), a trivia contest in which the top prize (unclaimed) was an Xbox and a copy of Halo, and some down-and-dirty 8-player Halo Capture the Flag. Other prizes during the trivia contest included signed Craig Mullins prints (Craig was on hand, a special bonus.) Over the next few days, we'll bring you the trivia questions (and answers), and the slideshow that Matt Soell presented to the crowd, as well as more Halo goodness - for now, we'll whet your appetite with the following pics:

We also snagged a few screenshots during the hour-plus of Halo goodness that enveloped the fans... check 'em out.

It's late, and we're tired - but we promise more tomorrow!

Welcome! (Claude | May 15, 2001 5:00 am PDT)
Welcome to's E3 2001 coverage! We'll be using this page to bring you details of the show from the floor, as well as commentary on Bungie-related topics over the course of the next few days. Keep an eye on this page! We should have a few surprises for you.

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