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Sat, May 5, 2001  5:31 AM It's all just a game...

Okay, so it looks like b.org's been slacking, eh? No updates here for almost a week - what, did they all go to Colorado for a Hari Krishna retreat? No... the action at the various b.org sites has been furious recently, it just hasn't been documented here. We apologize - we're trying to convince Dave Winer to jump in and help.


Marathon.org is back up (again!) - not really b.org news, but Marathon news is Marathon news. The Forums are pretty quiet right now... maybe because all the regulars moved over to Evihcra. Hmm... Go visit - there's some good stuff there, and Squeaky has hope that this new home will stay live for a while.

The Archives continue to add new files - the latest includes a really cool little 7-poly map that is being released about a year late to be considered for the Simplici7y contest, but is absolutely worth checking out anyway. (And other stuff, of course.)

Scenario news continues to pour in - there've been two multi-item updates to the ScenarioNews page in the past three days alone. Recent news covers two Big House inmates, and discusses the fate of some Marathon Orphanage material - the far-flung corners of the bungie.org Marathon empire are coming together.

Speaking of empires coming together - we'd like to remind our readers that there are two pretty big conversions hosted at bungie.org - the Marathon-to-UT conversion Marathon Resurrection, and the Marathon-to-Q3A conversion Marathon Arena. Our Marathon portal page, cool and slick when it was first put up, is showing its age, and we're still working on getting it overhauled to better reflect the offerings available here. (If you're interested in helping, drop us a line.)

The Marathon's Story page has been a bit light on Marathon news this week... but the Bungie Webcam movies have been piling up at an alarming rate - go visit for your inside view of the Bungie offices.


The Myth@bungie.org site continues to hold up under the furious attack of Forrest Cameranesi - far from confining himself to MythMaster Central these days, he's been feverishly overhauling the Field Guides, adding new Journal material, and (for the first time in a long time) has written a new Delusions article - Principia Mythica. (Forrest calls it 'perhaps the single most complex, convoluted and far-reaching theory in all of Myth's short existance'... we just think he's insane.) Go check out all the stuff he's been doing.


The OniShots contest ended recently - the judging continues, and hopefully winners will be announced soon. Sounds like some good stuff got submitted!


Halo, as always, continues to be well-covered at HBO - there are new print articles scanned for your perusal, crazy flamewar threads for your amusement on the forum, new submissions to the various collections of fan-produced materials, and a call for questions for a fan-conducted interview - go visit for all the details!

Tue, June 6, 2000  3:21 am


The Simplici7y maps are now up for grabs!

Scenario News reports about a new attempt to port solo maps from Marathon to Unreal Tournament.

The Story Page discusses Armor. Hmm...


A new Halo preview and busy fans at HBO.

Sat, June 3, 2000  10:15 am

Pathways Into Darkness

Discussion of the many ways to die dominates recent updates at the Pathways Into Darkness page. How many of you have ever seen a Stalker (much less killed one)? Interesting reading!


Results for the Simplici7y Contest have been posted! From the Contest page:

Well then, Simplici7y Contest has now concluded, the entries have been whipped, beat and abused to the judges liking leaving only seven maps standing. Here they are:

Grand prize:

Runners up (in the order they were placed by the judges):

Maps will be available soon. Prizes are described on the Contest page.

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to ALL then entrants!

Marathon's Story has a number of tidbits, including news of the Lynx Phoenix ad in Austria, and an update of the Halo ring motif section.

Thu, June 1, 2000  1:24 pm

Well, it's June, and we had spring fever. Time for a change, don'tcha think? We hope you like the new look... our goal is to bring you the news, as cleanly andefficiently as possible. Comments always welcome! Thanks to Harry Al-Shakarchi for the basic design of the page!


A small but annoying bug gets fixed in one of the coolest Chisel plugins around... grab your updates at the Archives.

More on named bombs, and a truly amazing Marathon 2 feat, chronicled on the Story page today. The entire scenario, start to finish, with 3 alien weapons and 1 grenade as the total ammo expenditure? Good Gracious.

The Simplici7y Contest judging is complete... we're just waiting for the writeup! Details tomorrow, we hope.

The Map of the Month page has been updated... April's map has been chosen. (Yeah, we're a bit behind. Never fear... May's entry should be up in the next week or two.)

The Big House should be getting a couple of new inmates in the next few weeks... one old, one new. Who'da thunk Marathon scenariomaking would be going this strong, so many years after the game's release?


Myth@Bungie.org has some interesting news about a project that ports Myth II maps to the Myth: TFL engine. Go read about it!


Oni Central has news of new Oni footage at Gamefan, and welcome news from Matt Soell concerning blood effects. Worth a read!


Polls, an accurate SETI count, and awards... the Halo scene keeps hopping. What's next on the agenda?

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